Core Vocabularies

Core vocabularies

The core Vocabularies are simplified, re-usable and extensible data models that capture the fundamental characteristics of an entity in a context-neutral fashion.

Owner:EC.DIGIT.B6 ISA Programme

Specification Description Distribution
Core Business Vocabulary The Core Business Vocabulary is a simplified, reusable and extensible data model that captures the fundamental characteristics of a legal entity, e.g. the legal name, the activity, address, legal identifier, company type, and its activities. On 8 January 2013, the RDF syntax of the Core Business Vocabulary has been formally published on the W3C standards track as a Public Working Draft. The RDF syntax binding of the Core Business Vocabulary has been named as Registered Organisation Vocabulary by W3C.
Core Criterion and Evidence Vocabulary The Core Evidence and Criterion Vocabulary is a simplified, reusable and extensible data model for describing the principles and the means that a private entity must fulfil in order to become eligible or to be qualified to perform public services or participate in public procurement. Public entities often need to define the criteria. A Criterion is a rule or principle that is used to judge, evaluate or test something. An Evidence is the means by which a Criterion may be proven.
Core Location Vocabulary The Core Location Vocabulary is a simplified, reusable and extensible data model that captures the fundamental characteristics of a location, represented as an address, a geographic name, or geometry. The Location Vocabulary is aligned with the INSPIRE data specifications.
Core Person Vocabulary The Core Person Vocabulary is a simplified, reusable and extensible data model that captures the fundamental characteristics of a person, e.g. the name, the gender, the date of birth, etc.
Core Public Organisation Vocabulary The Core Public Organisation Vocabulary is a simplified, reusable and extensible data model for describing public organisations in the European Union.
Core Public Service Vocabulary Sample

Core Business Vocabulary

Label Type Domain Status
LegalEntity Class Valid
address Property LegalEntity Valid
alternativeName Property LegalEntity Valid
companyActivity Property LegalEntity Valid
companyStatus Property LegalEntity Valid
companyType Property LegalEntity Valid
identifier Property LegalEntity Valid
legalIdentifier Property LegalEntity Valid
legalName Property LegalEntity Valid
location Property LegalEntity Valid
registeredAddress Property LegalEntity Valid

Core Criterion and Evidence Vocabulary

Label Type Domain Status
Criterion Class Valid
criterionType Property Criterion Valid
description Property Criterion Valid
fulfilledByRequirementGroup Property Criterion Valid
fulfilledIndicator Property Criterion Valid
identifier Property Criterion Valid
isDefinedInFormalFramework Property Criterion Valid
name Property Criterion Valid
weight Property Criterion Valid
CriterionRequirement Class Valid
applicableinPeriodOfTime Property CriterionRequirement Valid
description Property CriterionRequirement Valid
expectedDataType Property CriterionRequirement Valid
expectedValue Property CriterionRequirement Valid
identifier Property CriterionRequirement Valid
levelOfCertification Property CriterionRequirement Valid
maximumValue Property CriterionRequirement Valid
metByEvidence Property CriterionRequirement Valid
minimumValue Property CriterionRequirement Valid
name Property CriterionRequirement Valid
typeOfCopyQuality Property CriterionRequirement Valid
typeOfTranslation Property CriterionRequirement Valid
DocumentReference Class Valid
description Property DocumentReference Valid
identifier Property DocumentReference Valid
type Property DocumentReference Valid
url Property DocumentReference Valid
Evidence Class Valid
belongsToAgent Property Evidence Valid
description Property Evidence Valid
evidenceType Property Evidence Valid
identifier Property Evidence Valid
issuedByOrganisation Property Evidence Valid
isSupportedByDocumentReference Property Evidence Valid
language Property Evidence Valid
name Property Evidence Valid
RequirementGroup Class Valid
description Property RequirementGroup Valid
hasCriterionRequirement Property RequirementGroup Valid
identifier Property RequirementGroup Valid
RequirementResponse Class Valid
appliesToPeriodOfTime Property RequirementResponse Valid
description Property RequirementResponse Valid
identifier Property RequirementResponse Valid
name Property RequirementResponse Valid
provenByEvidence Property RequirementResponse Valid
validatesCriterionRequirement Property RequirementResponse Valid
value Property RequirementResponse Valid

Core Location Vocabulary

Label Type Domain Status
Address Class Valid
addressArea Property Address Valid
addressID Property Address Valid
adminUnitL1 Property Address Valid
adminUnitL2 Property Address Valid
fullAddress Property Address Valid
locatorDesignator Property Address Valid
locatorName Property Address Valid
poBox Property Address Valid
postCode Property Address Valid
postName Property Address Valid
thoroughfare Property Address Valid
Location Class Valid
address Property Location Valid
geographicIdentifier Property Location Valid
geographicName Property Location Valid
geometry Property Location Valid
Geometry Class Valid

Core Person Vocabulary

Label Type Domain Status
Person Class Valid
address Property Person Valid
alternativeName Property Person Valid
birthName Property Person Valid
citizenship Property Person Valid
countryOfBirth Property Person Valid
countryOfDeath Property Person Valid
dateOfBirth Property Person Valid
dateOfDeath Property Person Valid
familyName Property Person Valid
gender Property Person Valid
givenName Property Person Valid
identifier Property Person Valid
patronymicName Property Person Valid
placeOfBirth Property Person Valid
placeOfDeath Property Person Valid
residency Property Person Valid

Core Public Organisation Vocabulary

Label Type Domain Status
ContactPoint Class Valid
openingHours Property ContactPoint Valid
hasEmail Property ContactPoint Valid
hasTelephone Property ContactPoint Valid
identifier Property ContactPoint Valid
ChangeEvent Class Valid
hasFormalFramework Property ChangeEvent Valid
originalOrganisation Property ChangeEvent Valid
resultingOrganisation Property ChangeEvent Valid
PublicOrganisation Class Valid
address Property PublicOrganisation Valid
alternativeLabel Property PublicOrganisation Valid
classification Property PublicOrganisation Valid
contactPoint Property PublicOrganisation Valid
description Property PublicOrganisation Valid
hasMember Property PublicOrganisation Valid
hasSubOrganisation Property PublicOrganisation Valid
hasUnit Property PublicOrganisation Valid
homepage Property PublicOrganisation Valid
identifier Property PublicOrganisation Valid
logo Property PublicOrganisation Valid
memberOf Property PublicOrganisation Valid
next Property PublicOrganisation Valid
preferredLabel Property PublicOrganisation Valid
prev Property PublicOrganisation Valid
purpose Property PublicOrganisation Valid
spatial Property PublicOrganisation Valid
subOrganisationOf Property PublicOrganisation Valid
unitOf Property PublicOrganisation Valid
changedBy Property PublicOrganisation Valid
resultedFrom Property PublicOrganisation Valid

Core Public Service Vocabulary

Label Type Domain Status
Agent Class Valid
hasAddress Property Agent Valid
identifier Property Agent Valid
name Property Agent Valid
playsRole Property Agent Valid
providesRequirementResponse Property Agent Valid
satisfiesCriterion Property Agent Valid
type Property Agent Valid
uses Property Agent Valid
BusinessEvent Class Valid
Channel Class Valid
availability Property Channel Valid
hasContactPoint Property Channel Valid
hasCost Property Channel Valid
hasInput Property Channel Valid
identifier Property Channel Valid
isOwnedBy Property Channel Valid
processingTime Property Channel Valid
type Property Channel Valid
Cost Class Valid
currency Property Cost Valid
description Property Cost Valid
identifier Property Cost Valid
value Property Cost Valid
isDefinedBy Property Cost Valid
ifAccessedThrough Property Cost Valid
Event Class Valid
description Property Event Valid
identifier Property Event Valid
name Property Event Valid
relatedService Property Event Valid
type Property Event Valid
FormalFramework Class Valid
description Property FormalFramework Valid
identifier Property FormalFramework Valid
language Property FormalFramework Valid
name Property FormalFramework Valid
related Property FormalFramework Valid
status Property FormalFramework Valid
subject Property FormalFramework Valid
territorialApplication Property FormalFramework Valid
type Property FormalFramework Valid
Output Class Valid
description Property Output Valid
identifier Property Output Valid
name Property Output Valid
type Property Output Valid
Participation Class Valid
description Property Participation Valid
identifier Property Participation Valid
role Property Participation Valid
PublicService Class Valid
description Property PublicService Valid
follows Property PublicService Valid
hasChannel Property PublicService Valid
hasCompetentAuthority Property PublicService Valid
hasContactPoint Property PublicService Valid
hasCost Property PublicService Valid
hasCriterion Property PublicService Valid
hasFormalFramework Property PublicService Valid
hasInput Property PublicService Valid
hasParticipation Property PublicService Valid
identifier Property PublicService Valid
isGroupedBy Property PublicService Valid
keyword Property PublicService Valid
language Property PublicService Valid
name Property PublicService Valid
processingTime Property PublicService Valid
produces Property PublicService Valid
related Property PublicService Valid
requires Property PublicService Valid
sector Property PublicService Valid
serviceProvider Property PublicService Valid
spatial Property PublicService Valid
status Property PublicService Valid
type Property PublicService Valid
Rule Class Valid
description Property Rule Valid
identifier Property Rule Valid
implements Property Rule Valid
language Property Rule Valid
name Property Rule Valid
LifeEvent Class Valid
OpeningHoursSpecification Class Valid