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Semantic interoperability enables systems and services to exchange and interpret data meaningfully.

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Observatories are monitoring tools designed to gather information on the state of play of digital public administration and interoperability activities.

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Tools and specifications for achieving interoperability in the EU public sector improve coordination, data sharing, and decision-making across sectors.

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Smart cities

Smart cities can contribute to achieving the EC's Digital Decade objectives, promoting sustainability and innovation in the public sector.

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Digital innovation

The Innovation topic discusses how governments are using AI, Blockchain, and GovTech to enhance operations and serve citizens better.

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Interoperable Europe at the EU Regions Week 2023

Interoperable Europe will join the 21st European Week of Regions and Cities with a special session on the significance of the Interoperable Europe policy for public administrations. The registration is already open and interested professionals can book their seat for this or other sessions during the four-day event. The European Week of Regions and Cities is organised by the Committee of the Regions of the European Union to demonstrate the importance of the local and regional level for good European governance. During the event, cities and regions showcase their potential to create growth and…
Last update: 15/09/2023

EPSA 2023-24: Call for Applications

Does your public sector organisation have innovative solutions to high-priority challenges of the present or the future? If so, submit your achievement to the European Public Sector Award (EPSA), the only Europe-wide award for public sector innovation and reform open to public administrations at all levels of government. The projects will be assessed based on six criteria, including: how relevant the project is when covering an existing need in the European public sector, how innovative and creative this solution is, how much it interacts with and involves stakeholders, its impact/results…
eGovernmentDigital innovation
Last update: 25/09/2023

e-CODEX enables cross-border justice

A new solution has been introduced to the sector of justice! Secure online cross-border communication is now offered through the e-CODEX technical solutions. The solution connects different legal systems and ensures fast access to justice inside the Member States. e-CODEX is comprised of building blocks to assist you in connecting online judicial services and information across Europe. Its technical aspects include a connector and a gateway. The installation of the gateway ensures a secured connection with a gateway in another Member State. The e-CODEX Connector Suite provides three components…
Digital-ready policymakingLegaleGovernment

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Last update: 25/09/2023

The Academy's highlights described by Victoria Kalogirou

A new academic year starts, and the Interoperable Europe (IOPEU) Academy is ready for it. Victoria Kalogirou, Project Manager of European Commission DG DIGIT (Directorate of Informatics), looks back…
Culture and education

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Last update: 29/09/2023

Specificities of public sector OSPOs

There are a lot of discussions happening about forming public sector OSPOs. One question is how to define, or design, a public sector OSPO, and how the concept differs from a private sector OSPO. The distinction is not always clear, and there are sectors, such as academia, where the mixing of public and private is quite deep-rooted. But there do seem to be some general trends and these should be of interest to anyone thinking about the planning of a public sector OSPO. (OSOR also has a page of general information about OSPOs.) The following table is a simplification, but it's hopefully useful…
Open Source Software
Last update: 29/09/2023

A new version of Re3gistry is now at your disposal (v2.5.0)

In this latest release of Re3gistry v2.5.1, we've focused on resolving bugs, and new features. Particularly enhancing the validations of our bulk import tool. If the mandatory fields indicated in the form are not imported, a detailed message is displayed to the user, indicating exactly where the error is. Furthermore, we've enhanced and developed the bulk editing tool, this feature allows the user to make modifications to multiple existing items. It is now possible to modify the fields of several items by importing a .csv file. Updated documentation with the latest changes to the application…
Last update: 29/09/2023

SEMIC 2023 Keynote Speaker and Agenda Revealed

Are you ready for one more unforgettable experience at SEMIC? This year, the annual Semantic Interoperability Conference is heading to Madrid. Expect enlightening speeches, inspiring interactions, and unmatched networking opportunities! Only a few seats remain available, so secure yours now at! Agenda: Public Sector AI Pioneers, High-level Representatives, and more We're excited to announce our keynote speaker: Siim Sikkut! As the former Government Chief Information Officer of Estonia, Siim Sikkut will offer a practical strategic perspective on why, in the age of AI, Europe needs…

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GovTech Connect

What is GovTech Connect? GovTech Connect is a is a multi-year, cross-border project, created under DG CONNECT of the European Commission, that entails a variety of initiatives convening and mobilising the GovTech…
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ETAPAS project

Ethical Technology Adoption in Public Administration Services (ETAPAS) is a project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004594. The project is a…

the 'EUPL' course

Click here to take the course on Europe Academy! Download the SCORM package on your eLearning platform. Interoperable Europe Academy is aiming to provide free of charge, high-quality online courses open to anyone. One of…
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EUPL for CoGhent

Ghent is the capital and largest city of the East Flanders province, and the third largest in the country, exceeded in size only by Brussels and Antwerp. It is a port and university city. Much of the city's medieval…
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GNUHealthCon 2023

Welcome to the VIII International GNU Health Conference: This year the conference will take place at the beautiful Leibniz University Hannover, in Germany. In this edition, we'll be once again getting together and…

What's Joinup

The Joinup platform is the European Commission's one-stop shop for interoperable, open, and free digital government ICT solutions and an online space for e-Government professionals and enthusiasts to share and learn about digital public services and initiatives.

Joinup covers the hands-on aspects of interoperability.

What's Interoperable Europe

It’s the European Commission’s initiative for a reinforced interoperability policy showcasing news and events about government-related interoperability, along with initiatives and best practices that support the digitalisation of EU public administrations.

Interoperable Europe covers the policy angle of interoperability.