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#SEMIC2021: Highlights and recordings

Nearly 600 participants registered for the digital SEMIC 2021 conference on Human-Centric Data Spaces – Powered by Interoperability, which took place on 8 December 2021. The second digital edition of…

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EU Open Source Policy Summit 2022


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EC Open Source Programme Office

The European Commission Open Source Programme Office (EC OSPO) was created in 2020 as the first concrete action of the latest Open Source Software Strategy for 2020-2023. It acts as a facilitator for activities outlined in the…

Interoperable Europe

Interoperable Europe is the initiative of the European Commission for a reinforced interoperability policy in the public sector.

ENDORSE exchange platform

Welcome to the exchange platform Knowledge sharing in organisations is a significant challenge in present-day societies. While it is directly related to the production, dissemination and reuse of fast-growing volumes of data, the…

Data Oriented Services (DORIS)

In its day-to-day work, the Commission is responsible for defining and implementing new policies, drawing up new legislation proposals, while conducting prior impact assessments, etc., in more than 30 different policy areas. In…

Catalogue of Services

Our mission The Catalogue of Services Action supports public administrations in building their digital catalogues of public services, to allow citizens, businesses and public administrations across Europe to access and understand…

Open data

In this collection, open data solutions will be shared covering datasets, data visualisations, data analysis tools and services, best practices and guidelines. The collection will be supported by solutions and project developed…

Common Mapping of Innovation Supporting Actors

Several websites provide information for SMEs on innovation supporting actors, with the aim to strengthen innovation and industrial competitiveness across all Europe’s regions. Interested users (public administrations, businesses)…
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GobLin GNU/Linux

“GobLin is The Linux for Governments”. A customized distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system, adapted to the requirements of public administration. It is designed under the Free Software Philosophy, and open to be adapted in…

e-CODEX Connector Suite

e-CODEX offers technical solutions for secure online cross-border communication in the field of justice. The technical infrastructure connects different legal systems and ensures fast access to justice across borders. The…


Centrally manage and deploy Outlook text signatures and Out of Office auto reply messages. Signatures and OOF messages can be: Generated from templates in DOCX or HTML file format Customized with a broad range of variables…


LIMAPS High-level Solution Architecture Template (HL SAT) A Solution Architecture Template (SAT) is a specification extending the EIRA providing support to solution architects in a specific solution domain. A SAT contains a…


OIMAPS High-level Solution Architecture Template (HL SAT) A Solution Architecture Template (SAT) is a specification extending the EIRA providing support to solution architects in a specific solution domain. A SAT contains a…

Open Terms Archive

Open Terms Archive tracks and makes visible changes to the Terms Of Service of the main online services. OTA helps assess the loyalty of 204 digital platforms - Facebook, YouTube, Amazon... - and online services. It creates…


XRepository is a library for data exchange standards and codelists that were modelled in order to ease up interoperability between eGovernment applications of German Public administration and industry.
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Test Bed validators becoming increasingly popular

The Test Bed’s validators are proving to be a very popular service, recording millions of downloads and use in more than seventy countries. The Test Bed’s validators are popular components used to complement specifications with…

Validator usage statistics guide

The Test Bed has published a new online guide on enabling usage statistics for on-premise RDF, XML, JSON and CSV validators. The Test Bed’s validators are popular components used to support specifications with validation for RDF…

CCCEV major release

We would like to inform you about the major release of the Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary (CCCEV) 2.0.0. In March 2021, the Interoperable Europe Programme of the European Commission started the major release cycle for…

New set of Bug Bounties 2022

Ethical hackers wanted, for fixing bugs in LibreOffice, LEOS, Mastodon, Odoo and CryptPad Awards of up to EUR 5000 are available for finding security vulnerabilities in LibreOffice, LEOS, Mastodon, Odoo and CryptPad, open source…

Interoperability and cooperation in the EU

Funded by the Digital Europe Programme, Interoperable Europe builds on ISA2 and puts open cooperation with the Member States at its heart. On 21 November, the European Commission announced the launch of Interoperable Europe, the…

Issue paper on multidisciplinary teams

To better understand the characteristics of multidisciplinary teamwork, thus promote digital-ready policymaking, the legal interoperability team of the European Commission has published an issue paper on multidisciplinary teams in…

Validator localisation support

The Test Bed’s RDF, XML, JSON and CSV validators have been extended with support for multilingualism and translations in all EU official languages. The Test Bed’s validators are popular components used to support specifications…

Validator 1.1.0 releases

A new milestone release (1.1.0) is now available for the Test Bed’s RDF, XML, JSON and CSV validators. Release 1.1.0 is now the latest available milestone release for the Test Bed’s RDF, XML, JSON and CSV validators. Milestone…

Open source in Finnish childhood education

Deployed firstly by the city of Espoo, the open source software eVaka reached its second year of operation in providing citizens with information and functionalities on kindergartens and early childhood education centres. During…
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Cross-border Knowledge management on Interoperability

On January 25th, the ICTU department of Europe will organize an online expert session / Europa Café via TEAMS. “Cross-border Knowledge management on Interoperability” Last November, the European Commission announced “Interoperable…

Webinar on open data best practices in Europe

What can you learn from the top performers of the Open Data Maturity assessment of 2021? Find out during the upcoming webinar on open data best practices on Thursday, 17 March 2022 at 10:00-12:00 CET. The webinar will host three…

Masters of Digital 2022 | DIGITALEUROPE

DIGITALEUROPE, the leading technology trade association in Europe, is organising its "Masters of Digital 2022" hybrid conference taking place on 3 February 2022, both in Brussels and online. Digital technologies were crucial to…

Webinar on IPRs and Innovation Procurement

Discover : A step by step guide to using IPRs in public procurement How to make best use of IPRs when procuring innovation “Lessons learnt” shared by IPRs experts Our Speakers :…
13/01/2022 2022

On 28 and 29 January, the 14th annual DevConf.CZ will take place virtually. Sponsored by Red Hat, this community conference brings togehter developers, admins, DevOps engineers, testers, documentation writers and other…

GNU Health Con 2021

The GNU Health Conference is held annually and brings together enthusiasts and developers of the Libre Health & Hospital Information System. In 2021, the conference is held online, and it will span over two days: 10 and 11…

First GovTech Workshop

First GovTech Workshop GovTech* has been gaining more and more attention in recent years. This has accelerated due to the COVID crisis that forced governments to innovate rapidly. However, involving small innovative companies is…