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SEMIC: Data Spaces in an Interoperable Europe

Save the date: SEMIC is coming back on the 6th of December


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EC Open Source Programme Office

The European Commission Open Source Programme Office (EC OSPO) was created in 2020 as the first concrete action of the latest Open Source Software Strategy for 2020-2023. It acts as a facilitator for activities outlined in the…

Interoperable Europe

Interoperable Europe is the initiative of the European Commission for a reinforced interoperability policy in the public sector.

ENDORSE exchange platform

Welcome to the exchange platform Knowledge sharing in organisations is a significant challenge in present-day societies. While it is directly related to the production, dissemination and reuse of fast-growing volumes of data, the…

Data Oriented Services (DORIS)

In its day-to-day work, the Commission is responsible for defining and implementing new policies, drawing up new legislation proposals, while conducting prior impact assessments, etc., in more than 30 different policy areas. In…

Catalogue of Services

Our mission The Catalogue of Services Action supports public administrations in building their digital catalogues of public services, to allow citizens, businesses and public administrations across Europe to access and understand…

Open data

In this collection, open data solutions will be shared covering datasets, data visualisations, data analysis tools and services, best practices and guidelines. The collection will be supported by solutions and project developed…

Common Mapping of Innovation Supporting Actors

Several websites provide information for SMEs on innovation supporting actors, with the aim to strengthen innovation and industrial competitiveness across all Europe’s regions. Interested users (public administrations, businesses)…
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'EIF Toolbox' eLearning course

Download the EIF Toolbox eLeanring course created by the Interoperable Europe Academy! Interoperable Europe Academy's primary goal is to deliver free of charge, high-quality online courses that will be open to anyone. Therefore…

'Interoperability: An introductory course'

Download the introductory course created by the Interoperable Europe Academy! Interoperable Europe Academy is aiming to provide free of charge, high-quality online courses open to anyone. That's why the majority of the Academy's…

EIRA Ontology

About the European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA) Ontology The EIRA ontology is the machine-readable knowledge representation of EIRA© including classes and axioms, which provide stakeholders of different…
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Working with communities

Videos from the recent Community Leadership Conference are now online for anyone interested in learning about interacting with or integrating into Free and Open Source Software communities. For IT departments looking to work with…

Release 5.1.0 CAMSS-version EIF Assessment

Version 5.1.0 of the CAMSS Assessment EIF Scenario has been released. Discover below it's new features. The CAMSS Assessment EIF Scenario contains different sections according to the insights and recommendations of the European…

An ideal match: Interoperable Europe & Joinup

In the ever-shifting world of public sector digitalisation, e-Government experts, academia and enthusiasts are facing daily challenges in their attempts to locate and deploy technology that would benefit public administrations…

Video series about EU Datathon 2022 finalists

This year´s edition of the EU Datathon, the annual EU open data competition organised by the Publications Office of the European Union, promises to be particularly worthwhile. With 159 entries from 38 countries, the highest number…

Germany launches

National code repository rolled-out to facilitate local cooperation. Germany's Online Access Act defines a list of 575 public services that must be provided online, and requires that these be implemented through "openness" - a…

EC's launches

On Friday 16 September, Director-General for Informatics Veronica Gaffey announced the launch of the Commission's open source repository for the EU institutions: (Speech transcript below) She reported that there…

CO2 tool from accounting code

With worries of big household energy bills this winter, carbon footprint calculators may find a new use as people look for ways to analyse their energy use. "Nos Gestes Climat" (Our Climate Actions, repository) is a piece of…

Validator plugin guide

The Test Bed team has published a detailed guide on how to create plugins for validators, an advanced feature used to extend a validator’s capabilities with custom validation logic. The Test Bed’s validators for XML, RDF, JSON and…

Discover a new series of webinars for data providers has launched a series of webinars about open data publishing especially for public sector data providers. This training package is designed to help data providers open up their data and make it available via data…

Test Bed nightly build channel

To further facilitate test developers using the Test Bed, the Test Bed team now maintains a nightly build development channel that can be used to get access to new features as they are implemented. The Test Bed team aims to…
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Stories from the Use Case Observatory vol. 1

The Use Case Observatory is a research project by It contributes to the portal's broader goal to measure the economic, governmental, social, and environmental impact of open data by monitoring 30 cases of open data…

Webinar on measuring open data impact

Which methods and approaches are used to measure the impact of open data in Europe? What can we learn from other European institutions that assess open data impact? What could help measure the impact of open data more accurately…


The City of Lisbon launches the Urban Mobility Innovators Open Call to fund innovative digital solutions that help solve mobility challenges of vulnerable communities in Lisbon, inviting the international community of innovators…

Open Research Webinar Series

Co-organized by OW2 and the Eclipse Foundation, the Open Research Webinar series provides a brief introduction to selected software research projects that are helping to shape the future of open source software and the IT industry…

[PAST EVENT] LEOS community webinar #6

SAVE THE DATE: LEOS community webinar on 21 June 2022, 9.30 – 11.00 CEST (UTC+2) What is it about? The sixth LEOS community webinar will be focusing on the main updates and major milestones reached by LEOS project: Welcome by…

Open Source Summit Europe

The Linux Foundation Open Source Summit is a conference umbrella, and includes a collection of events centred around open source. The Summit will gather thousands of attendees from various professional backgrounds including…