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Semantic interoperability enables systems and services to exchange and interpret data meaningfully.

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Observatories are monitoring tools designed to gather information on the state of play of digital public administration and interoperability activities.

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Tools for achieving interoperability in the EU public sector improve coordination, data sharing, and decision-making across sectors.

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Smart cities

Smart cities can contribute to achieving the EC's Digital Decade objectives, promoting sustainability and innovation in the public sector.

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The Innovation topic discusses how governments are using AI, Blockchain, and GovTech to enhance operations and serve citizens better.

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NIFO Webinar Highlights

A webinar on the European Interoperability Framework and its Monitoring Mechanism was held on Friday March 3rd, 2023, with more than 70 participants from different EU Member States, various European…

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Joinup User Group Meeting

The upcoming Joinup User Group Meeting is approaching! It will take place online on Thursday 30th of March 2023, from 15:00 to 16:30 CET. Whether you are a community manager, content writer, or simple…

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30 Mar

HBP Final Summit 2023

After much anticipation, the Final Summit of the Human Brain Project started at Palais du Pharo in Marseille. The Summit was opened in the great Plenary Hall of the venue with a warm welcome from HBP…

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New NIFO workshop - Smart cities - Organisational and cultural interoperability challenges in the implementation of local, regional or national data spaces and local digital twins


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GovTech Connect

What is GovTech Connect? Welcome to the GovTech Connect Community! The GovTech Connect Community is a space where everyone can share their knowledge and experience to grow together. This Collection conveys the results of…

Catalogue of Services

Our mission The Catalogue of Services Action supports public administrations in building their digital catalogues of public services, to allow citizens, businesses and public administrations across Europe to access and…
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'Z-anatomy' is an ergonomic navigable atlas of anatomy that articulates thousands 3D objects and their description (wikipedia). It is the ideal tool for the students of any medical discipline. It uses the latest…
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GovTech Leaders 2023

GovTech Leaders are back on the 9th of May, 2023 in Vilnius, Lithuania. GovTech leaders, followers, challengers and observers – every public sector innovation enthusiast will find their place at the GovTech Leaders 2023…

Europe Tech Summit

Technology is moving fast – and policymakers are playing catch-up! POLITICO Live’s 6th edition of the Europe Tech Summit will return on 26-27 April with a virtual event seeking to contend with the development of tomorrow…

What's Joinup

The Joinup platform is the European Commission's one-stop shop for interoperable, open, and free digital government ICT solutions and an online space for e-Government professionals and enthusiasts to share and learn about digital public services and initiatives.

Joinup covers the hands-on aspects of interoperability.

What's Interoperable Europe

It’s the European Commission’s initiative for a reinforced interoperability policy showcasing news and events about government-related interoperability, along with initiatives and best practices that support the digitalisation of EU public administrations.

Interoperable Europe covers the policy angle of interoperability.