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Discover the tools and specifications to help achieve interoperability in the EU digital public services.

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Last update: 08/05/2024

Joinup User Group Meeting outcomes - April 2024

On April 19, 2024, the Joinup Team hosted the first User Group Meeting of the year. Hosted virtually, the meeting aimed to showcase Joinup's latest developments, delve into its content, explore future directions, and foster interaction among participants. Throughout the session, the Joinup Team unveiled several noteworthy updates, including the introduction of the new Solutions hub, a unified Overview page, and enhanced navigation, facilitated by the new Bookmark feature. Furthermore, they highlighted improvements relevant to content creators, such as the ability to archive solutions and the…
Open Source Software
Last update: 29/04/2024

Interview with Alexandra Balahur

Alexandra Balahur is the team leader of SEMIC, the semantic interoperability project and community in the Interoperability and Digital Government Unit of the Commission’s Directorate-General for Digital Services (DG DIGIT). Her primary role involves coordinating efforts in semantic interoperability within her unit and bridging activities with other teams, such as Digital-Ready Policymaking, Open Source, and others. Additionally, she collaborates with other units engaged in data spaces and other Commission Directorates, such as DG GROW and the Publication Office (OP), linking semantic…
Last update: 23/04/2024

An Introduction to BDTI

The Interoperability Academy and the Big Data Test Infrastructure team is proud to unveil a new interactive course: An Introduction to BDTI. This initiative is designed to support EU public administrations in moving forward with data literacy and developing data analytics pilot projects, free of charge, using the open-source tools offered by the BDTI infrastructure. The BDTI course is a strategic part of the broader Data Spaces support centre and initiatives aimed at enhancing data utilisation across the EU, and the Interoperable Europe Act, aimed at fostering seamless cooperation of…
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Last update: 25/04/2024

Register for the three upcoming PSTW webinars

Emerging technologies are making public organisations rethink the way they manage and deliver public services. The Public Sector Tech Watch aims to track record of the increasing uptake of these…

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Last update: 16/05/2024

Open calls for Eastern Europe Boot camp

Today, we're excited to be reopening applications for our 2024 GovTech Connect Eastern Europe Boot Camp 🚀We're looking for GovTech startups across Eastern and Central Europe to take part in our next 5 week accelerated training programme later this year.This free opportunity, with the support of the European Commission, is the first EU-wide GovTech programme that provides startups with the skills, tools and networks to successfully work with the public sector. We're searching for startups with Smart Cities solutions across the following challenge areas:💡 Energy🛵 Mobility🧠 Wellbeing🗣️…
Business and competitionSmart cities
Last update: 08/05/2024

New complex test development guide

The Test Bed team has published a new guide with detailed information and a step-by-step tutorial to support test developers with complex conformance testing needs. The Interoperability Test Bed, and in a particular the GITB software and its supporting specifications, is a comprehensive conformance testing solution for a project’s semantic and technical specifications. Its typical use case is to validate exchanges between IT systems, in which the Test Bed acts as a testing counterpart to the systems under test, exchanging data with them according to specific scenarios, and validating…
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Last update: 08/05/2024

CAMSS Assessments for Data Spaces

The CAMSS Team has released Assessments and Quality Control Checks of Specifications that focus on Data Spaces:SpecificationFor Data InteroperabilityFor Data Sovereignty and TrustFor Data Value CreationLinked Data Event Streams (LDES) - link hereX XSmart Applications Reference Ontology (SAREF) 3.1.1 - link hereX Verifiable Credentials - link hereXX ISO 19941 Cloud Computing Interoperability and Portability - link hereX System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) Protocol - link here X Dynamic Attribute Provisioning Service (DAPS) - link here X OGC Training Data Markup Language for…

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GovTech Connect

What is GovTech Connect?GovTech Connect is a is a multi-year, cross-border project, created under DG CONNECT of the European Commission, that entails a variety of initiatives convening and mobilising the GovTech…
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Data Europa Academy

The Publications Office of the European Union provides free online learning material on the concept, use, visualisation and management of open data. See the list below for an overview.All e-learning material are on https…


MyGNUHealth uses the latest mobile and desktop technology, such as Kivy framework. MyGNUHealth Personal Health Record is a privacy-oriented PHR, that will put the citizen and the patient in control of her health and…
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Webinar on CPSV-AP

On 20 June 2024 from 13:00 until 14:00 CEST a webinar on CPSV-AP will be held.The Core Public Service Vocabulary Application Profile (CPSV-AP) is a data specification used to harmonise the description of public services…


Register for the open DIS4SME event, a free online on 24 th of May, from 11:00 to 13:00 CETThe DIS4SME Project, co-funded under the Digital Europe Programme, aims to implement courses on geospatial data interoperability…
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What's Joinup

The Joinup platform is the European Commission's one-stop shop for interoperable, open, and free digital government ICT solutions and an online space for e-Government professionals and enthusiasts to share and learn about digital public services and initiatives.

Joinup covers the hands-on aspects of interoperability.

What's Interoperable Europe

It’s the European Commission’s initiative for a reinforced interoperability policy showcasing news and events about government-related interoperability, along with initiatives and best practices that support the digitalisation of EU public administrations.

Interoperable Europe covers the policy angle of interoperability.