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Semantic interoperability enables systems and services to exchange and interpret data meaningfully.

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Observatories are monitoring tools designed to gather information on the state of play of digital public administration and interoperability activities.

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Tools and specifications for achieving interoperability in the EU public sector improve coordination, data sharing, and decision-making across sectors.

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Smart cities

Smart cities can contribute to achieving the EC's Digital Decade objectives, promoting sustainability and innovation in the public sector.

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Digital innovation

The Innovation topic discusses how governments are using AI, Blockchain, and GovTech to enhance operations and serve citizens better.

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Last update: 07/11/2023

How to archive content (for Collection/Solution managers)

The archive feature is a step forward to present a fresh state for your Collection/Solution. By archiving old content, you draw users’ attention to the latest updates in your Collection/Solution, allowing them to find relevant and up-to-date information. Content that can be archived on Joinup includes: News, Events, Documents, Discussions and Custom Pages. This How-To document is a step-by-step guide on how to archive items, either individually or in batch, and how to find the archived content. The intended target audience of this How-To is Collection/Solution managers (owners and facilitators…
Last update: 22/11/2023

Read the OECD Initial Policy Considerations for Generative Artificial Intelligence

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) creates new content in response to prompts, offering transformative potential across multiple sectors such as education, entertainment, healthcare and scientific research. However, these technologies also pose critical societal and policy challenges that policy makers must confront: potential shifts in labour markets, copyright uncertainties, and risk associated with the perpetuation of societal biases and the potential for misuse in the creation of disinformation and manipulated content. Consequences could extend to the spreading of mis- and…
Business and competitionDigital-ready policymakingArtificial intelligence
Last update: 25/10/2023

Who won the 2023 GovTech Connect Pitch Day?

We are excited to announce the champions of the 2023 Southern and Northern Europe Boot Camps. ASIMOB, with their AI-powered infrastructure monitoring software, emerged as the standout champion of the Southern Europe Boot Camps. They impressed us at the GovTech Connect Pitch Day event in Madrid, where 15 startups dedicated to digitizing public services competed for the title. On the other hand, Skenario Labs shone as the shining star of the Northern Europe Boot Camps, presenting innovative solutions for using ML for greener, cost-efficient buildings. A heartfelt thank you to our esteemed jury…
Business and competition

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Last update: 30/11/2023

OSOR Awards Winners and OSOR anniversary

We want to extend a massive thank you to everyone who joined us on 21st November for the 15th anniversary celebration of the European Commission’s Open Source Observatory (OSOR). Your presence and…
LegalObservatories+3 topics

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Last update: 01/12/2023

New reports on China and Mexico

OSOR has just published the first versions of reports on the state of open source in Mexico and China. These reports offer a comprehensive overview of each country’s use and policies on open source software as of 2023. They delve into the evolution of policies in recent years and provide various examples of open source usage in public administration specific to each nation.In these reports, you will discover the key governmental bodies actively involved in open source initiatives. In Mexico, the reports highlight the roles of the National Digital Strategy Coordinator and the Public research…
Digital-ready policymakingEuropean Policies+8 topics
Last update: 01/12/2023

Exploring Innovation in Procurement

In the ever-evolving landscape of government technology, the need for innovative solutions is paramount. The intersection of technology, innovation, and public procurement is a crucial space where novel approaches are not only beneficial but necessary. One such approach gaining traction is the utilization of design contests to foster innovation in public sector procurement. In a recent GovTech4all café session focused on Innovation in Procurement, a presentation was delivered to set the context for the ensuing discussion. Laura Kirchner, policy expert at Gobe Studio and Arūnė Matelytė, the…
CollaborationDigital innovation
Last update: 30/11/2023

“OSOR Turns 15” Conference: Highlights

On the 21st of November 2023, in the heart of Brussels, a landmark event celebrated the 15th anniversary of the European Commission’s Open Source Observatory (OSOR). The conference, titled “OSOR Turns 15: From Pioneering to Mainstreaming Open Technologies in Public Services,” brought together many of the brightest minds in the use of open source. A full conference room with 274 attendees witnessed the transformative journey of open source in public services. The event highlighted the significant achievements of open source communities, paying tribute to the innovators and visionaries who have…
Open Source Software

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GovTech Connect

What is GovTech Connect?GovTech Connect is a is a multi-year, cross-border project, created under DG CONNECT of the European Commission, that entails a variety of initiatives convening and mobilising the GovTech…
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Service Model

The CISE Network is a complex open computer network interfacing several EU countries, specifically, in the maritime data context. This network connects CISE nodes and legacy systems thought a special component called…

CISE Data Models

The use of CISE specifications and data models, helps to ensure that public administrations are taking into account relevant EU recommendations on standards and specifications in the maritime domain and are seeking to…

CISE node

The CISE Node manages the communication protocol among participants, including the security, access control to the information and the reliability aspects. The CISE Node is a common block for all the partners connected…


EU BERT is is a language processing tool tailored for European languages and was developed through collective European efforts. EUBERT processes and understands multiple languages from the continent, addressing its…

EuroVoc Tagger

The European Parliament has deployed a EuroVoc ( classifier in production using the Huggingface…
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EmacsConf 2023

EmacsConf 2023 is taking place fully online. With a collaborative developer community that has been active for four decades, this two-day conference (Saturday & Sunday) may be beneficial for those in the public sector…

FOSS Backstage 2024

What makes an open source project flourish? FOSS Backstage encourages more discourse about the non-coding aspects of successful open source projects.The two day conference is dedicated to everything related to FOSS…
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What's Joinup

The Joinup platform is the European Commission's one-stop shop for interoperable, open, and free digital government ICT solutions and an online space for e-Government professionals and enthusiasts to share and learn about digital public services and initiatives.

Joinup covers the hands-on aspects of interoperability.

What's Interoperable Europe

It’s the European Commission’s initiative for a reinforced interoperability policy showcasing news and events about government-related interoperability, along with initiatives and best practices that support the digitalisation of EU public administrations.

Interoperable Europe covers the policy angle of interoperability.