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Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS)

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ADMS: Working Group Virtual Meeting 2011.10.18

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Tuesday 18 Octobze 2011, 15:00-17:00 CET
Audio connection: Dial Belgium (toll) +32 (0)24015454 Participant PIN: 56497014#
Web connection Web Login: 105378250 Participant PIN: 56497014#

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Interim Chair: João Rodrigues Frade
European Commission: Vassilios Peristeras
Scribe: Niels van Hee
Editor: Makx Dekkers

Agenda Item Owner Subject
0 Vasilios Welcome
1 Joao Roll call, introduction by all participants, invitation to chair 
2 Stijn Adoption of minutes of 9 November call  
3 Joao IPR matters 

 - agreement with listing of contributors 

 - final resultsntroduction to Arkadin - conference system



Introduction to the SEMIC.EU project 
  • Federation of Semantic Assets Repositories that ADMS needs to support 
  • Questions





Introduction to the ADMS work 
  • Introduction to the ADMS work
  • Chartering, timeline and description of the process
  • Table of contents revised specification


6 Makx


Terminology and taxonomy  
  • What is a semantic interoperability asset and what types will we include
7 Makx

ADMS Use cases

8 Makx Results of public comment period on ADMS Draft Specification version 0.6a
9 Makx
  • Current UML model and possible improvements based on public comments
10 Makx nitial list of value vocabularies 
  • code lists, vocabularies, reference collections of people, organisations, places, subjects
  • Considered either a string values or URI references
11 All Recapitulate issues and actions identified
12 Makx Agree meeting plan 
  • Proposal 7 November, 28 November, 9 February 15:00-17:00
13 All Any other business


Meeting Minutes

ADMS WG Virtual Meeting 2011.10.18 - Minutes - v1.01.pdf

Other documents

2011_10_18 kick-off.pdf




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18 October 2011
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