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Asset Description Metadata Schema for Software

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ADMS.SW 1.00

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ADMS.SW, is a metadata vocabulary to describe software, preferrably Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS), making it possible to more easily explore, find, and link software on the Web. The specification aims at maximally reusing existing specifications, such as DOAP, SPDX, ISO 19770-2, ADMS, and the Trove software map.


Getting started

A good way to start with using ADMS.SW is to describe your own software using the ADMS.SW spreadsheet we have created for you. From this spreadsheet, it is possible to generate an ADMS.SW-compliant RDF file.


The process and methodology followed in the development of ADMS.SW is set out in detail in the document “Process and Methodology for Developing Core Vocabularies”. Further background is available in the studies "Vision for an enhanced software description metadata schema and software catalogue for e-Government” and “Report on existing Software Forges”  which offers an overview and context for the work.

Common foundation: RADion

The common elements of ADMS, and ADMS.SW are combined in DCAT.


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Asset Description Metadata Schema for Software
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Reference Data, Semantic View
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29 Jun 2012 - 14:15
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