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Asset Description Metadata Schema for Software

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Implementing an ADMS.F/OSS User Experience on Joinup

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This document shows how the ADMS.F/OSS specification will be implemented on Joinup from a User Interface point of view. It presents the following wireframes:

  • The catalogue of Software, including federated software;
  • A federated software page; and
  • The metrics of a federated software.

Do you have any opinion on these wireframes?

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Wireframe 1: Catalogue of software (including federated software)

Catalogue of software

Wireframe 2: Federated software page

Federated software page

Wireframe 3: Metrics of a federated software

Metrics of a federated software


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21 May 2012
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EU Institutions
ADMS.F/OSS, User Experience, Wireframes

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