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Asset Description Metadata Schema for Software

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FR - Open Cimetery from Adullact described with ADMS RDF and published on Joinup

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We have recently published an ADMS.SW RDF description of Open Cemetery, one of ADULLACT‘s open-source software projects. The objectives are to demonstrate how the ADMS.SW vocabulary can be used for describing open source software (OSS) projects and to provide support by example to users interested in using the specification.

Adullact is interested in participating in the forthcoming ADMS.SW-enabled federation of software assets. In the near future, Adullact has also expressed its interested to experiment with the plugin for extracting ADMS.SW metadata from FusionForge instances.

We have selected Open Cemetery, a popular OSS project from Adullact, and created its ADMS.SW RDF description, which allows us to make OSS solutions better searchable across geographic and organisational borders from a single point of access available through several interfaces.

Similar examples, have also been created for OpenDNIe (an OSS project hosted on CENATIC), Open e-PRIOR and the Apache HTTP Server application. These examples explains in practice how ADMS.SW can be used to describe software assets.

The metadata for Open Cemetery was generated using the Google Refine RDF spreadsheet template and is available in:

The HTML+RDFa version was generated using the visualisation feature of the ADMS.SW validator.

About Adullact

ADULLACT supports and coordinates actions of local, regional and national associations and public administrations in order to promote, develop, federate and sustain a common heritage of open source software for the sector public in France.

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