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eProcurement Ontology

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Report on policy support for e-Procurement

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This report was prepared in the context of the previous contract in order to create the right basis for the development of the e-procurement ontology.


The scope of this report is to put together the necessary information for being able to proceed with the specification of the e-procurement ontology, including a process and methodology to be followed for the development of the e-procurement ontology. As such, the following activities are in scope of this work:

  • Identify the target audience and the key use cases for the e-procurement ontology;
  • Document and analyse existing initiatives to discover overlaps and gaps, and  identify which ones to reuse and with which ones to align; and
  • Identify reference data and code lists that can be referenced to by the e-procurement onto


Publication date:
14 March 2017
Nature of documentation:
Technical report
License of document:
ISA Open Metadata Licence v1.0
Geographic coverage:
eGovernment, eProcurement
eProcurement, ontology
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