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Interoperability Quick Assessment Toolkit

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The objective of the Interoperability quick assessment toolkit is to allow solution owners to perform a quick assessment on the interoperability level of a solution already assessed as reusable.

The Interoperability quick assessment toolkit comprises the following two components:

  • Interoperability Quick Assessment Toolkit. The document contains the methodology that describes the high-level steps to be followed by solution owners for assessing the potential interoperability of a solution and the related expected benefits. It further includes Guidelines for solution owners on how to use the Excel tool and how to interpret the interoperability Score results.
  • Interoperability Quick Assessment Tool (Excel File) is used to calculate the solution’s interoperability Score;

The expected benefits of the Interoperability quick assessment toolkit are the following:

  • It spots areas for improving the interoperability in a given solution;
  • It supports portfolio management decisions:

o   by suggesting solutions that could be published in the European Interoperability Cartography (EIC);

o   by clustering solutions with regard to interoperability Maturity;

o   by identifying solutions that should be improved in term of interoperability.

  • It is applicable to any software solution (not only for TES);
  • It saves time and resources in interoperability peer-to-peer tests by acting as a gateway to it. If the result of the Interoperability quick assessment is below the suggested threshold then it is recommended not to invest further efforts in a full interoperability peer-to-peer test;
  • It supports end users of the EIC in verifying the overall interoperability score of any published solution.


Publication date:
01 February 2017
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Public Domain
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eGovernment, eServices for Business, eServices for Citizens, Services for Businesses, Services for Citizens
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