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1200 reads and 640 downloads - enthusiasm around ADMS echoed in its public review

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Lack of information sharing and re-use can prevent interoperability. This is why Public Administrations, EU Institutions and Standardisation Bodies are increasingly talking about the Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) as a new way of sharing information about interoperability assets on the Web. ADMS is a groundbreaking initiative of the ISA Programme [1]. 

The enthusiasm around ADMS has been clearly echoed in its public review which ended on 6 February 2012. The draft ADMS specification [2] was read around 1200 times and downloaded 640 times, over 20 comments were received by email or through Joinup [3] and 122 messages were exchanged by the ADMS Working Group [4] in the last 3 months.

Data models, code-lists, identifiers and other semantic assets will become easily discoverable on the Web once described according to ADMS in RDF or XML. From mid 2012, the Joinup platform, implemented under the ISA programme, will make available to the public a large number of semantic assets described using ADMS [5]. Through it, semantic interoperability assets will become retrievable and available via a single point of access. Making semantic assets easily discoverable will help European initiatives, and possibly beyond, to develop more interoperable information systems.





[4] The current draft of ADMS was elaborated in the second half of 2011 by a multi disciplinary working group of 43 people, from 20 different Member States and the US. This work was based on earlier work in 2010, by a Working Group with representation from 17 EU member states, several EU institutions and the US.



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