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Adoption of ADMS throughout Europe, join the first wave of ADMS implementations

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Since the release of the ADMS version 1.00 [1] on 18 April 2012, almost 400 downloads were made. You can download it from here:
Adoption of ADMS is under way
Many organisations throughout Europe, and beyond, are interested in implementing ADMS, among them:
- The Estonian catalogue of public sector information systems (RIHA):
- The collaborative platform and repository of the Danish Public Sector (Digitalisé
- The GS1 in Europe eDox platform:
and many others, Listpoint (, W3C, ETSI (, The Open Group, DCMI, etc.
An ADMS editor is available for download
We have developed a spreadsheet template, available on Joinup, to help you describe your ontologies, data models, data dictionaries, code lists, XML and RDF schemas using the ADMS metadata vocabulary. You can download it from Joinup:
Learn about ADMS by example
An example of an ADMS-compliant description of version 1.00 of ADMS itself is available online:
To conclude
Using ADMS is easy. The ontologies, data models, data dictionaries, code lists, XML, RDF schemas, etc, described according to ADMS can be published on different websites while the files themselves remain on the origin website (i.e. syndication of content). The European Commission will offer a single point of access to the semantic assets and standards described using ADMS via Joinup . This service will increase the visibility of your semantic assets and standards on the web. This will also stimulate their reuse by Pan-European initiatives.
Meet us at the SEMIC2012 Conference on 18 June 2012
The SEMIC2012 Conference on 18 June 2012, in Brussels, will offer a unique opportunity to explore and discuss how semantic interoperability solutions, and ADMS, are being embraced by e-Government initiatives. The conference combines plenary sessions and interactive panels in an inspiring networking atmosphere. We hope to see you there:
Should you have any questions about implementing ADMS, please do not hesitate to contact us, preferably through the forum in the CESAR community on Joinup:
[1] ADMS is a standardised metadata vocabulary created by the EU's Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA) Programme  of the European Commission to help publishers of standards (Public Administrations, Standardisation Bodies, Third Parties) document what their standards are about (their name, their status, theme, version, etc) and where they can be found on the Web.


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