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UBL 2.1 e-Invoice validation service

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The UBL e-Invoice validator is dedicated to the validation of UBL 2.1 e-Invoices. For further information read documentation at


Several interfaces are available

  • A web interface, at:
    Validation through web form upload is provided to all users (i.e. via anonymous access) through the above link. Once a UBL invoice is uploaded, it is validated and a detailed report is presented to the user that can be downloaded (in GITB TRL format) and cross-checked against the submitted content.
  • A SOAP web service for UBL 2.1 e-Invoice, WSDL at:
    An invoice can be validated via web service call to a GITB-compliant content validation service. 
    To facilitate use of the web service, a relevant SOAP UI test case is provided in B4InvoiceValidation-soapui-project.xml
  • An e-mail, via the address:
    Validation of invoices via email is enabled by emailing one or more invoices as attachments to the email address. Once validation is completed a reply is returned with an overview of the validation as the email body and the detailed validation reports (in GITB TRL format) as attachments.

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