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ADULLACT stands for the Association of Developers and Users of Free and Open Source Software for Public Administrations, local, regional and national Associations (Association des Développeurs et des Utilisateurs de Logiciels Libres pour l'Administration et les Collectivités Territoriales). ADULLACT supports and coordinates actions of local, regional and national associations and public administrations in order to promote, develop, federate and sustain a common heritage of open source software for the public sector in France.
Fusionforge ADULLACT is at the heart of ADULLACT's activities. The forge centralises the different projects supported by the association, allowing any user or developer to navigate through the projects and contribute to them. Any person or administration can bring his contribution to a project in different ways: by producing source code, enhancing existing code or correcting bugs.
Here below is listed some of the remarkable projects hosted by ADULLACT (often under a GNU GPL or CeCILL version 2 license):

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Garennes is a software to manage grades, absences, boarding school, students register, agenda and assessments for students, teachers and the whole management school.

This software is available via a web interface coded in PHP 4/xxSQL and any printing is available in PDF format.


The main goal of this project is to optimize the administrative management system at school. It enables to ensure availability of information in an efficient way for all the stakeholders on a folder school.

GEPI is an open-source software for educational management of schools: grades, grade reports, digital agendas and others additional modules. This software is free of charge download and submitted under the GPL license.


Coded in PHP/MySQL, it is available as plugins on several educational servers as Scribe of EOLE project. Created in 2001, GEPI is more and more used according to the number of people registered on the software website. Add that GEPI has been integrated in the educational ENT ARGOS in Aquitaine administration.

Former les utilisateurs distant aux nouveaux outils mis en place, leur donner une interface vocale ou on pourrais directement leur presenter des documents, la navigation a travers les sites webs.

Aigle est un système avancé qui propose aux entreprise de messagerie de gérer l'ensemble de leurs prestations. De l'arrivage et du stockage des colis jusqu'à leur livraison.


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