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Eurostat RAMON: Standard Code Lists

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RAMON (Reference Architecture for Metadata ONline) is the server used by Eurostat to make publicly available various categories of metadata which help users correctly understand statistical data. The metadata categories covered by RAMON are the following:


a) Standard international statistical classifications

b) Correspondence tables between these classifications

c) Statistical concepts and variables

d) Standard code lists

e) Legal acts relating specifically to statistics

f) Methodological manuals relating specifically to statistics

g) Statistical glossaries and thesauri


When available, the information is presented in all languages in which it exists. This is especially true for some classifications which sometimes exist in more than 20 languages.


All information presented in RAMON can be consulted and downloaded free of charge (for non-commercial purposes).


The collection presented on JoinUp contains only the Standard Code Lists (SCL); these SCL can be accessed from this page:


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Statistical code lists are structural metadata on statistical concepts which are in general used to describe dimensions in data management. For multi-dimensional tables on the Eurostat webpage, in general several of these code lists are used. When appropriate, these lists are based on official statistical classifications, such as Nace Rev. 2 and ISCO or other code lists related to sex, age, time, working status, etc. In total, around 500 code lists exist in the Reference database.

Eurostat standard code list: Accidents

Eurostat standard code list: Age / Duration / Length of service

Eurostat standard code list: All levels

Eurostat standard code list: Amenities

Eurostat standard code list: Aquatic environment

Eurostat standard code list: Area / Agricultural area / Arable land area

Eurostat standard code list: Body Mass Index

Eurostat standard code list: Change

Eurostat standard code list: Classification of Fields of Education and Training (1999)


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