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GBA Thesaurus

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The GBA Thesaurus contains vocabulary..

  • bilingual in German and English, as used in geoscientific text publications and Geological maps of the Geological Survey of Austria
  • designed as knowledge representation of the Geological Survey, in contrast to international standards, and classifications
  • formatted as SKOS concepts (terms, including synonyms), each with their own web addresses → http URI's
  • specified by polyhierarchical relationships as broader, narrower, and related concepts within the domain
  • machine-readable published using web services according to the standards of the Semantic Web → LinkedData, RDF, SKOS, SPARQL Endpoints
  • as LinkedData resource semantically linked to other resources in the www → INSPIRE codes, GeoScML vocabulary, ..
  • to be used in LinkedData web applications as hyperlinks for online texts, or as encoding for geospatial data → INSPIRE, GeoDIG
  • managed and supervised by an editorial team, with experts on various domains

The thesaurus vocabulary is used to create semantically and technically interoperable geodatasets to implement the legal requirements of the EU directive 2007/2/EC (INSPIRE). Therefore GBA datasets are coded with thesaurus URI's, and on the other hand the thesaurus is linked to INSPIRE registry codes or other Linked Data vocabularies.

Links: Geological Survey of Austria, Thesaurus website, FAQ's, Sparql bookmarks, bibliographic references, and mail address

Keywords: geology, inspire, skos, sparql, austria

further information:

The GBA-thesaurus, and every theme described in there, is specifically intended to implement INSPIRE and to help people outside the Geological Survey of Austria to find and link geoscientific information. For those inside the Geological Survey, the thesaurus provides a source of consistent index terms that spans the range of our activities in mapping and research. Such terms can be used to refine or clarify labels calssifications and to support internet search, based on a SKOS ontology thesaurus management as well as on semantic web technologies.
With the GBA-Thesaurus the Geological survey of Austria supplies an approach how to implement INSPIRE and how to increase data interoperability within the geoscientific community.
The base model of the bilingual GBA-thesaurus is adapted to the INSPIRE core model on geology which is part of annex two in the INSPIRE Directive. According to this each theme with concepts fulfils the objective to be used as alternative codelist for a non existing vocabulary concerning the harmonization after INSPIRE.
The second goal is that it is possible to develope applications and modules showing our georeferenced geological data based on mapping and research connected with all the information structured and provided in the GBA-thesaurus.
Although shown in one thesaurus we devided six main themes because It is needful to use different controlled vocabularies for the purposes they serve best.


Interoperability SolutionsHide more information

Geologic Units from Maps of the Geological Survey of Austria:

Lithologic Units and classification from Maps of the Geological Survey of Austria:

The theme Lithology comprises loose- and bed-rock vocabulary that were classified according to their modal composition or their grain size, respectively. The classification of magmatic-, polygenetic-, metamorphic- and fault-rocks are based on the IUGS recommendations by the sub-commissions for magmatic and metamorphic rocks, respectively.
So this theme provides our earth scientists a working platform and students and persons interested in earth sciences an information pool.

Chronostratigraphic and Geochronologic Units from Maps of the Geological Survey of Austria:

In addition to the provided International Stratigraphic Chart Table the theme Geologic Time Scale is structured in regional and historical concept schemes. As the stages of the Paratethys are part of a regional concept schema these concepts are used to attribute to our regional geological data.

Tectonic Units and classification from Maps of the Geological Survey of Austria:

Geologic Structures from Maps of the Geological Survey of Austria:


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Geographic coverage: Austria
Date created: 12 Sep 2014 - 13:22
Date last modification: 18 Mar 2015 - 13:49

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