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The Junta de Andalucía

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The Junta of Andalusia (La Junta de Andalucía, in Spanish) is the institution whereby organizes the self-government of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. This Forge results from the Decree of March 7, 2011, by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration and the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science, on the IT policy coordination of the Junta de Andalusia. All software of this repository have been released under the conditions stipulated in the Andalusia Government Decree of February 21, 2005 concerning the public availability of software developed by the administration of the Junta de Andalusia.

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System that manages the Procedimientos ADMINISTRATIVOS relacionados con las actividades sometidas Report on Prevention of Environmental handlers Actuaciones Sometidas Report on Environmental Impact migrated to Trama

Program to facilitate the administration of the run and loads of staff trabajo de los Institutes of Legal Medicine

Permite the administration of applications to the Web sites as they will Puedo acceder from Intranet and SSCC DDPP

Normalization of IT applications which allows to clean, standardize and automatically segment the field of a data file referred to postal addresses, identifying people or silage and legal information through probabilistic techniques. It is mainly an application designed to support with the normalization fields for the databases and data files handled by the different organisms and Administration of Entities Government of Andalusia.

One of the main objetivos the Government of Andalusia is informáticas implement solutions that facilitate collaborative trabajo de sus Employee . Con este proyecto ye dar is a step more in the Development Work Useful tools or instrumentos of that individual facilitating the Work as a team. Objective Main AG @ TA allow for the management of datos personales ( también denominados PIM Data : Personal Information Management) , particularly delegate administrative tasks or appointments , contacts and tareas .

The client module sad-dav-System AG distributed Events @ TAv2 offers a DAV client, one of the interfaces to access information from AG@TAv2. ; In particular, this possibility the communication between client systems externos Others (implemented with Java EE technology) and a system of distributed Agenda (SAD) through the interface DAV, Whether directly or through the systems coordinator of agenda (CSA).

Signaling of appointments for them Juicios and views of the judicial Órganos .

Signaling of appointments to the queries of the forensic Legal Medicine Institutes them .

Management of information on the staff of the extensiones asignadas Consejería .

The Early Care Information System ( dawn ) is a Management System pertaining to the Consejería de Salud de la Junta de Andalucía , which has to be as Objective Tool to facilitate the coordination of intervienen with all stakeholders in the child with seguimiento Disorders of Development of padecerlos or Riesgo y sus familias .


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