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Asset Status

Semantic interoperability assets and their releases are assessed by a Clearing Process Manager. During this process, assets are labelled with their current state of assessment, the asset status. The successive stages of the process depend on actions by the Asset Owner, the Asset Agent (the person in charge of the asset) and the Clearing Process Manager. An asset can have 2 different statuses: - “candidate”: This status indicates that the asset meets the formal publication criteria and scope criteria of Joinup. The asset has been published on the Joinup platform. Joinup allows creating a community of developers and users around a the semantic interoperability asset and offers a large set of communication and collaboration tools, including a forum, an issue tracker, a documentation tool, support for mailing lists, news items, and events, a version management system, and a member administration tool. The asset may – but not necessarily has to – have one or several releases. However, the asset does not have any release that has been assessed by the Clearing Process Manager. - “assessed”: This status indicates that an asset has at least one release that has successfully passed the Asset Assessment Process and for which the overall assessment score is higher that the assessment thresholds.