BRAIF - Framework - Your opinion on Metadata Management

Published on: 04/10/2019
Last update: 08/10/2019

The Framework on Access to Base Registries (BRAIF) and Interconnections aims to provide guidance to Member States on how to grant access to the data in Base Registries and how to interconnect them.


Why do we do metadata management? 

  • To provide organisational understanding of business terms and usage
  • To collect and integrate metadata from different sources
  • Provide a standard way to access metadata
  • Ensure metadata quality, consistency, currency and security

We propose the following aspects for metadata management in context of BRAIF:

Metadata Management


















Future needs

  • Creation of a Semantic mapping of metadata from the Member States' repositories with a common abstract model
  • This abstract model will be driven by real implementations across Europe and based on the Core Vocabularies that help us to describe public bodies, public services, legal resources and registries themselves.


1. What are the primary goals of the metadata management strategy for your base registry?

2. What types of metadata are you working with?

3. Are there any standard that you should follow to complete metadata strategy?

What's your opinion on these topics? Please share your comments with us !


Fri, 18/10/2019 - 10:31

During ABR webinar in October, some countries shared their experiences on metadata management.

In Netherlands, there are several standards all registries follow, including address standards. But going beyond those standards there is still work to do, e.g. naming conventions or proper descriptions for every element, or even the entity/property structure in one case.

In Belgium, this is treated case-by-case, see an example about "Belgian addresses", namely, service at federal state accessing base registries at the 3 regions: