ABR Webinar Follow-up | Slide…

ABR Webinar Follow-up | Slides and Information

Published on: 06/06/2017
Dear ABR Community,   On behalf of everis Brussels and the European Commission, we would like to thank you for your interest in our Webinar ‘Access to Base Registries’, which took place on Thursday 27 April 2017. The slides from the Webinar are now available for download on the Dashboard.     Next Webinar | Save-the-date: September We invite you to pre-register for the next edition of the ‘Access to Base Registries’ Webinar series in September.   Involving our stakeholders is at the very heart of our mission. Hence, we would like to tailor our services towards your needs:
  • What would you like to see or more of in the next webinar?
  • What can we do different for the next webinars?
  • What did you like about this Webinar?
  • Would you be interested in participating in our next seminar?
Input and pre-registration to our next Webinar can be sent to:  ABR@everis.com

City/Location: Brussels