Call for Support: ABR6 study

Call for Support: ABR6 study

Published on: 31/03/2016
Last update: 05/10/2017

Dear Member,
Today, we would like to ask you for support and participation on our current activities. We are studying the state of affairs on data sharing and access to base registries for all EU countries and the EFTA countries via desk research and interviews.

The main topics being analysed are the following:

  • National initiatives/principles/strategies fostering data sharing between base registries (cross-region, cross-border and cross-sector).
  • Legal provisions dealing with data and data exchange.
  • Base Registries’ organisation and administration.
  • Key e-Government Public Services making use of Base Registries data.
  • National and sectorial strategies and policies for Master Data Management.
  • Scope, role and technicalities of Base Registries data sharing platforms (cross-border and cross-sector).
  • Moreover, given that we want to include information about one specific base registry (e.g. Person, Business, Land, etc.), we would appreciate some recommendations for the selection of one concrete Base Registry. The topics we want to describe about the selected base registry are:

Data Quality

Data Protection

Data Generation (creation and collection, …)

Data Preservation

Data Sharing (search, exchange, notification, …)

Data Management

Regarding our approach, we initially conduct desk research for each country and we discuss the results via interviews. This phase aims to enhance the quality of the information in order to establish concrete findings.               

Hence we would like to invite you to participate in a call-meeting and discuss with us the information you might have about Base Registries in your Member State.

We would like to arrange this meeting at your convenience, and therefore would be grateful if you could provide us ( with available time-slots in your schedule to achieve this collaboration in the following weeks?

Furthermore, if this topic is out of your scope we would greatly appreciate that you could lead us to the correct person(s).

Thank you kindly in advance.

In expectancy of a positive response with kindest regards,

The ABR team.