Plan for Registry of Registries released !

Plan for Registry of Registries released !

Published on: 11/12/2019
Last update: 12/12/2019

ABR team is pleased to share with you the Plan for Registry of Registries.

The document defines:

1. Registry of registries interoperability:

  • Use cases
  • Design

2. Semantic model and BRegDCAT-AP:

  • Identification of registries and master data
  • Management of the data quality
  • Definition of registries
  • Definition of master data
  • Definition of the authenticity and origin of data
  • Definition of the legal basis

3. Future activities for Registry of Registries:

  • Alignment of the specification with DCAT-AP v2
  • Definition of new terms and classification of taxonomies
  • Testing and validation of the specification/ data model
  • Creation of reusable tools (Mapping Editor, Creator, Visual Editor, Data Validator, Data Harvester)
  • Pilot of reusable tools
  • Member States case studies
  • Alignment with EU Initiatives



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