ABR WG Highlights - July

ABR WG Meeting Highlights - 11/07/19

Published on: 12/07/2019
Last update: 10/09/2019

Introductions around the table, 2 new participants.

One hour meeting had about ten participants, representatives from the EU Institutions and Member States, such countries as Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Norway, Sweden.

Highlights from the discussion

Closed issues:

Issue #1: Content of a Base Registry

DCAT-2 Model:

Issue 1

Issue #4Subject of Datasets

dcat:themeTaxonomy and dcat:theme by using both:

  • 13-term taxonomy (Data theme NAL), and
  • On demand Eurovoc terms (hierarchical representation)

Issue #3Description of a Registry Service

Based on:

  • Core Public Service Vocabulary (cpsv)
  • DCAT-AP and W3C DCAT (dcat)

Issue 3

Issue #6Quality of Datasets

W3C Data Quality Vocabulary (DQV) + Provenance Ontology to:

  • Express that a dataset fits in a quality classification
  • Provide quality assessment with quality metrics —e.g., completeness—
  • Express the conformance of a dataset's metadata with a standard
  • Provenance of dataset

DCAT-2 includes examples for provenance and quality

Issue #7Legal Basis of the Services, Registries and Resources?

The Core Public Service Vocabulary Application Profile enable us to describe a cpsv:Public Service that may follow cpsv:Rule(s) that implement eli:LegalResource(s)


Open issues

Issue #2: property 'isAuthoritative' for datasets

  • A new property for Catalogues, Resources (Datasets), and Data Elements
  • Aligned with Belgian, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish approaches

         o Optional property for catalogues, datasets or data elements

         o Range: boolean

Issue #5: Content of Datasets (DataElement)

  • Belgian Catalogue:

Issue 5

  • Peter W:

          o DCAT-2: dct:conformsTo

          o Data element composition of: “core components”

Issue 5_1

Issue #08: Output of a Registry Service

According to the CPSV-AP:

  • cpsv:PublicService  à cpsv:produces à cv:Output
  • Output is also a dcat:Catalog
  • Multiple types?


Draft of Specification of Registry of Registries

Editor's Draft After CPSV-AP Feedback and ABR WG Meeting in June: SC157_D02.01.Draft Specification_v0.05.docx

Editors Draft

Next steps

25th July: DCAT-AP Webinar (Joinup page): news related to our work on specification will be shared with you via email and news item on our Joinup page ABR – Specification of a Registry of Registries

Early September: next ABR (this) working group meeting: the same approach of a discussion on the progress of the specification and issues

3rd of October: public webinar on ABR Action: check the details on Save the Date

21st – 22nd of October: Draft to be presented in the SEMIC Conference *potential workshop on the specification

November 2019 à DCAT-AP v2 Major Release: draft to be updated accordingly.

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