Check major release of BRegDCAT-AP v2.00

Major release of BRegDCAT-AP - v2.00

Published on: 30/07/2020
Last update: 05/08/2020

Major release of BRegDCAT-AP

ABR Team is pleased to announce the major release of the specification / data model for base registries.

The release v2.00 is available for download here.

Next steps:

ABR Team will configure a Validator, that aims to serve Member States (MS) to test and check if their application of BRegDCAT-AP is correct or not, in which case this tool would identify and show errors, inconsistencies, missing data, allowing MS to correct the identified errors and improve the quality of information.

The SHACL schema will be developed in coordination with the Interoperability Testbed team.

Adjustments after the testing will be included in the next minor or major version, to be published on Joinup.

The supporting reusable tools are upcoming by September.

Stay Tuned!

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