Save the date - WG - September

Save the date - WG - 16/09/19

Published on: 10/09/2019

The members of ABR working group, as well as any interested individuals, are invited to join the virtual meeting on the progress on the draft of Specification for Registry of Registries that will be held on 16th of September, 14.00 - 15.00 CEST. 


  • Introduction
  • Open issues and progress on the draft of the specification of registry of registries
  • Next steps
  • Q&A

Open Issues for discussion:

[Issue #02] Property 'isAuthoritative' for datasets

  • Three options to discuss:
    1. Reuse of dct:conformsTo (i.e., a dataset/element conforms_to authoritative_specification)
    2. Reuse of dqv:hasQualityAnnotation and dqv:QualityPolicy (to indicate the element/dataset is authoritative)
    3. Creation of new property isAuthoritative (boolean literal range)

[Issue #05] Content of Datasets (DataElement)

  • Two options to discuss:
    1. Creation of a new class DataElement
    2. Reuse has_part of dcat:Dataset to break down into atomic data elements.

[Issue #06] Quality of Datasets

  • DCAT includes a non-normative section about quality of datasets.
  • DCAT-AP-NO will include a section to indicate optional quality properties: dqv:hasQualityMeasurement (range: dqv:QualityMeasurement); and dqv:hasQualityAnnotation (range: dqv:QualityAnnotation); 
  • If we add these properties we should normalise the way to define measurements and quality annotations.


We are warmly inviting you to read the updated document that you can find here.

The main update is incorporating feedback received from WG meeting in July, as well as results of the discussions on Joinup.

Please share your comments directly on Joinup under related issues and discussions, or send them to our email address:

Please feel free to share the meeting details with colleagues interested in the topic.

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