BRegDCAT-AP 2.00

2 years ago

Major release of BRegDCAT-AP

This version supersedes version v1.05.


  • Correction of typographic errors;
  • Correction of vocabulary URIs in the Controlled Vocabularies section;
  • Addition of missing Data Service references in the Controlled Vocabularies section.

What is new:

ABR Team configured a Validator, that aims to serve MS to test and check if their application of BRegDCAT-AP is correct or not, in which case this tool would identify and show errors, inconsistencies, missing data, allowing MS to correct the identified errors and improve the quality of information.

The SHACL schema was developed in coordination with the Interoperability Testbed team.

The specification was tested and implemented with support of open source tools in Member States, more details on pilot  here.


Stay Tuned!