Barcelona City Council releases its Open Source application for managing images

Published on: 04/12/2017

Barcelona City Council has released BIMA, a web application for managing images and pictures (DAM, Digital Asset Management) that incorporates functionalities of cataloguing, indexing and advanced search. The pictures are organised in albums and galleries. The access to them depends on the user profile and the security assignations. The application is Multilanguage (it supports metadata in different languages). All images and galleries can be consumed via web service, making the integration easier and managing the information in a centralised way.

The Open Source application has been released on Github and it is composed of 4 repositories:

  • django-bima-core: Django app to manage digital assets via REST API and Django admin.

  • django-bima-back: Django backoffice app to manage digital assets.

  • bima-core: Example deploying a django-bima-core based project.

  • bima-back: Example deploying a django-bima-back based project.