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The Ethical and Good Governance Mailbox ("Bústia Ètica i de Bon Govern" in Catalan) is a secure channel that allows the anonymous participation of citizens to inform about any action or omission contrary to the values of Good Governance and thus reinforce public management.

It includes mechanisms to guarantee the confidentiality of all information and offers a secure communication space that allows anonymity to maintain contact with the managing body and know the status of processing. The goal is to encourage any person or public servant to provide information freely, without suffering reprisals.

To avoid bad practices in the use of the mailbox, strict criteria will be applied to admit the communications and with the requirement of civil, penal and administrative responsibility of the persons who report facts with abuse of rights or violations of the principle of good faith.

The Ethical and Good Governance Mailbox is the priority channel for the admission of communications related to bad practices in the Barcelona City Council and its dependent entities, without prejudice to admit communications through other channels or in person at the citizen attention offices (OAC).

Its management is part of the functions attributed to the Analysis Services Department, which is attached to the Directorate for Transparency and Good Practices of Resource Management.

In the exercise of the functions related to the The Ethical and Good Governance Mailbox, the Analysis Services Directorate acts with functional independence, without being subject to hierarchical orders that could condition the action, especially with respect to maintaining the confidentiality of personal data.

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