Tool: API for government framework - API strategy self assessment

Published on: 01/09/2020
Last update: 25/04/2021

This maturity self-assessment tool builds on the API framework proposed by the European Commission APIs4DGov study. The framework structures actions to be taken by organizations to better profit of their API infrastructure. The framework offers twelve ‘proposals’ arranged around four organisational pillars, namely, policy support, platforms and ecosystems, people, and processes. Actions are then structured into the three levels of organisational management, i.e., strategic, tactical and operational.

The twelve proposals, inspired by the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) of the European Commission, were created following an extensive and deep systematic review that assessed available documents on current government API strategies, guidelines, related policies and action plans in digital government and other areas, and private industry best practice guidelines.

Who should use this tool

This tool is intended for the IT leader of a government’s (but also, if needed, of other organisations) digital transformation, digital strategy, digital government or interoperability agenda who needs to prepare a common IT architecture and platform components for delivery of APIs, open data, and shared capabilities services across whole-of-government. This IT leader may choose to complete the checklist with the cross-departmental collaborative body champion or other members of their whole-of-government management team.


APIs4DGov Self assessment tool


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