Workshop IV (07.12.2021): Coordination of public & private digital interface - API viewpoint

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Published on: 14/01/2022
Executive webinars

The fourth event of the API4IPS series of webinars took place on the 7th of December 2021. On this occasion, worldwide renowned API experts, lawyers specialized in digital law, innovators, and practitioners from the private and public sectors engaged in an exciting discussion about the coordination of public and private digital interfaces through APIs.

On this page, you will find all recordings and slides of the event. In the linked material, you will find reflections about the legal framework applicable to data sharing through APIs and examples of practises and challenges of integrating the technical and legal worlds within a private organization. The material also includes a presentation on the strategies adopted by the Finish Government to coordinate their digital interactions and a compelling citizen-driven approach to re-use public sector information through APIs. Furthermore, you will find a presentation of the project funded by the Ford Foundation, which explores the Creative-Commons model for APIs. Last, you could watch the discussion held among four experts representing the public sector at the local level, the private sector and the policy support. 



Welcome and introduction from organisers [slides

APIs in the European Digital Strategy: European Commission (JRC, DIGIT) & APIdays



API and digital coordination in the European context: a study of 4000+ Terms of Services [slides]

Monica Posada & Katarzyna Pogorzelska  European Commission Scientific Project Officers - Joint Research Centre -Digital Economy Unit.

They set the scene for the need for digital coordination with APIs in the context of the European Digital Strategy. They presented preliminary results of the analysis performed over 4000 API Terms of Service documents. The study analyses the conditions of these legal documents (contracts by adhesion) from a systemic perspective: do these contracts foster or hinder the legal stability needed for the blooming of a fair Digital Economy?



The Current European legal framework on data sharing: How APIs fit in? [slides]

Hans Graux, partner and co-founder of a law firm (time.lex). ICT lawyer specialed in technology, intellectual property, media, and e-business. 

Hans presented the evolution of the legal framework hand by hand with the development of the markets. From ownership to licencing to the current subscription models and its inherent complexity for coordination. 

API data sharing legal practices in the Private Sector  [slides

Alan Glickenhouse, Digital Transformation and API Business Strategist digital strategist  @IBM.

Alan presented standard legal practices in a big corporation and provided tips on how to integrate technical and legal aspects of APIs cohesively. 



API data sharing legal practices for the public sector: The case of the National Finland Coordination  [slides

Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Executive Director @TIEKE (Finnish Information Society Development Centre) 

Hanna's presentation focused on the efforts that the Finish government is putting to foster coordination of the digital interface of the government. These efforts are based on education, stakeholder management, and promoting interoperability.

Discovering the German Public Sector APIs: the full analysis  [slides

Lilith Wittmann  (  is a young entrepreneur investigating security issues - usually in state digital infrastructure.

Lilith is decided to support the opening of public sector information. In her presentation, she explained the results of her endeavour. Lillith's work provides evidence that part of Germany's Public Sector Information & Open Data Directive implementation is easily reachable.


API ToS: Towards a Creative Commons Model

Mehdi Medjaoui, APIdays co-founder.

Mehdi presented the advances of the project on Creative Commons models for APIs.



DIGITAL COORDINATION THROUGH APIs (legal and technical integration)

Moderated by: Mehdi Medjaoui 


- Jonas Onland, Digital Transformation Advisor in the International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG)

- Daniel Sarasa Funes, Director - Fundación Zaragoza Ciudad del Conocimiento. Urban Innovation & Smart City Strategist

- Katarzyna Pogorzelska, Legal advisor, Project officer at the European Commission 

- David O'Neill, CEO of Apimetrics, API Rating Agency, Service Level Agreement litigation


From the discussion Panel, only a few slogans while preparing the summary: 

Foster cooperation, enable trust, reverse engineering data value chains, use your imagination to make the digital era a better place to be. Standards are needed. Metrics from APIs are crucial for evaluating compliance with the legal data Framework.


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