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Welcome to the ARE3NA community, a resource sharing interoperability solutions in the geospatial and e-government domains.


The Member States of the European Union are currently implementing the Infrastructure for Spatial Information for Europe (INSPIRE) Directive (2007/2/EC), a major European data-sharing policy helping to create a pan-European Spatial Data Infrastructure for the environment and related policy areas.  We can expect INSPIRE to become fully operational in the next few years, offering harmonised and interoperable spatial datasets and services for 34 different data themes from organisations all across Europe.

To support its proper implementation and reutilisation, as part of the Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations Programme, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has established a project, Action 1.17, A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform (ARE3NA). This site acts as a single access point to the outputs of the Action.

The ARE3NA Action is creating severnal reusable interoperability solutions that aid the implementation of INSPIRE and potential adoption in other sectors, especially e-government. These interoperability solutions address many aspects, including reusing INSPIRE data models in different sectors, developing interoperability software and exploring how INSPIRE data services fit with e-government access control solutions. From this site you can also access other resources which explain how to implement INSPIRE based on best practices and follow the developments of our other solutions.

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ARE3NA activities

The following summary table highlights the targeted interoperability levels according to the European Interoperability Framework and INSPIRE component(s) for each ARE3NA solution.

Overview of the ARE3NA activities

ARE3NA solutions

EIF Interoperability Levels

INSPIRE Components

Legal Organisational Semantical Technical Datasets Network Services Metadata Data & Service Sharing Monitoring & Reporting
ARE3NA study on AAA for Data and Services   X   X X X   X  
The Re3gistry     X   X X X    
Sensor Observation Service   X   X X   X    
Reusing INSPIRE     X X X   X    
Re3ference Platform X X X X X X X X X
Validation X X X X X X x X X


Overview of the ARE3NA activities


Access control and AAA for Data and Services


In some cases, INSPIRE web services may need to be restricted public access due to organisational and/or technical requirements.  To overcome this interoperability barrier, ARE3NA is analysing approaches and putting in place solutions that helps data users access protected services, often known as Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA).



The Re3gistry is a reusable open source solution for managing and sharing ‘reference codes’, ensuring concepts are correctly referenced in INSPIRE, or for content in any other sector. ARE3NA is currently working with software users and Member States to make improvements and create a federation of registries for use in multiple information systems.

Sensor Observation Service





Online sensors delivering spatio-temporal data have emerged in many sectors. In order to have comparable, efficient, real time data flows coming from devices, ARE3NA has developed guidelines, demonstrators and updates to open source tools using the OGC SOS standard for a potential new INSPIRE data download service direct from sensor devices.

Re3ference platform


The Re3ference Platform is a tool, information system and structured 'recipe book' approach to sharing technical approaches to support policy purposes to help public administrations share and contrast best practices. The current instance of the tool is the INSPIRE in Practice platform as part of the INSPIRE Knowledge Base, which helps public administrations responsible for providing data, metadata and services as part of the INSPIRE Directive to understand different approaches towards interoperability and for those interested in reusing INSPIRE in other sectors to see how.



Along with large-scale pilots in the European Union Location Framework (EULF), ARE3NA is working in different activities to promote the reuse of INSPIRE’s technical and semantic interoperability solutions.  This includes profiles to reuse INSPIRE metadata in open portals (enhancing data discoverability and reuse) using GeoDCAT-AP and creating new ways to make use of INSPIRE data models, for example in the RDF/linked data world of the semantic web. Work has also explored how data models can be reused in other sectors and how INSPIRE components (standards, specifications and technologies) could be used for other forms of data-sharing, including with citizens.

INSPIRE Reference Validator and Interoperability Testing

ARE3NA_INSPIRE_Reference_Validator_and_Interoperability_Testing In order to ensure the interoperability of the INSPIRE metadata, data, and services, basic tools are needed to help INSPIRE implementers to validate automatically their resources in a simple but, above all, reliable way using common rules

Future work

ARE3NA is currently setting up new topics that will aid data-sharing and interoperability, including common approaches for open data licensing and data infrastructure test rules and tools.

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