INSPIRE Implementation and Reuse Vocabulary

Report: Creation and update of a vocabulary for the Implementation and Reuse of INSPIRE

Published on: 25/07/2017
Last update: 25/11/2021

This report documents the development of an INSPIRE use vocabulary in extension of the already existing implementation vocabulary of the live3tutorial, part of the Are3na Re3ference Platform.

The "use task" vocabulary has been created from an analysis of projects making use of INSPIRE and an overarching idea of activities that are common to ICT projects (and particularly SDI projects).

Screenshot of the dataset.

A close relationship to INSPIRE appears at lower levels of the hierarchical schema of use task. This seems natural because high level tasks, such as “plan and specify” are part of any project; yet, they have to be there in order to give the subordinate tasks a common roof.

The tasks have been documented in the Excel document accompanying this report. They have been gathered in one sheet named “Use Tasks” that uses the same format as the already existing “Implementation Tasks”. The sets of Tasks are disjoint (at least as to their IDs) and could, therefore, be joined in one single sheet (or table) if necessary.



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