Authentication, Authorization and Accounting for Data and Services in EU Public Administration

Report: Guidelines for using the AAA Testbed & Supported Use Cases - D1

Published on: 20/01/2016
Last update: 05/03/2020

These guidelines explain how to use a demonstrator for the testbed that developed an Access Management Federation (AMF) for the Authentication, Authorization & Accounting for Data and Services project as part for ISA Action 1.17, A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform (ARE3NA).

The guidelines outline some of the background and principles being tested in the AMF and the software involved, before outlining three use cases that show how user location and cartographic products can work together to create better presentation of data related to AAA mechanisms. Specifically, this involves demos of single-sign on for web-based and desktop clients; a cross-border case showing a more complex location-driven access policy; and a use case for ArcGIS that can access services that does not directly support the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

The document also contains gerenic passwords to view the demo in action and details of how users can provide feedback and comments about AAA and INSPIRE.

Nature of documentation: Manual (technical documentation)


Type of document
European Union Public Licence, Version 1.1 or later (EUPL)