New release of the INSPIRE Re…

New release of the INSPIRE Registry


ARE3NA has been supporting the development of reusable registry software as an open source tool, the Re3gistry, which is available through JoinUp. The Re3gistry supports the management of code lists and has a live instance, the INSPIRE Registry service, which is both aiding the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive and gathering feedback for the further development and bug-fixing of the Re3gistry.

A new version of the INSPIRE Registry service has just been released.

This version now contains four registers:

  • INSPIRE theme register
  • INSPIRE application schema register
  • INSPIRE code list register
  • INSPIRE Feature Concept Dictionary register

This last register contains the INSPIRE Feature Concept Dictionary (IFCD), covering all INSPIRE data specifications and containing terms and definitions required for specifying thematic spatial object types. This information supports the harmonisation efforts in INSPIRE and helps to identify where there could be conflicts between the specifications of the spatial object types in the 34 different themes found in the three Annexes of the INSPIRE Directive.

This month has also seen the publication of the finalised amendments to Regulation (EU) No 1253/2013 for INSPIRE data specifications for Annex II and III, marking an important stage in the implementation and maintenance of INSPIRE. The new version of the INSPIRE registry service already contains the updated details in the INSPIRE theme register that will further support implementation tasks.

The new version of the service also includes references and details for codelists that are being produced and governed by sources of codes outside of INSPIRE's guidelines and legal acts. For example, Article 17 of the Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC) has "counting units" for counts or estimates for species abundance within a species distribution unit and the registry now makes reference to the authentic source for these codes.

Recent developments have also added new functions to the Re3gistry. These include the ability to navigate through a hierarchy of codes that the registers contain. For example, the "Service Type" code list, that helps to classify governmental services, includes the code list value "education" which itself has a series of codes associated with it. The Re3gistry also has a simple search feature added to it, allowing keywords to be searched from the label, definition and description of items from across all the current registers. Future developments will explore adding additional functions to the search, including filters for search results.

The software release 0.3 supporting these functions will be made available next year.

ARE3NA welcomes feedback and further suggestions for improvement to the Re3gistry and INSPIRE Registry service, through our feedback tool.

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