New releases of the Re3gistry…

New releases of the Re3gistry software and INSPIRE Registry service

Published on: 20/04/2015
Last update: 24/10/2019

We are happy to announce new releases of the INSPIRE registry service (release 5) and the Re3gistry software (v1.0).

The new releases are based on the outcomes of the public testing period between mid-December 2014 and 14 April 2015, during which stakeholders could test release candidates of the software and the service.

INSPIRE registry service release 5

This new release of the INSPIRE Registry service includes the recommended code list values from the data specification technical guidance in the code list register. It includes also additional formats. The detailed changelog is available here.

The new release also includes a new functionality to track the usage of the INSPIRE Registry. If you are using the INSPIRE Registry Service in your application, you can now register to the “INSPIRE Registry Community” to receive official updates, news and information. Use the new "community" link on the right link panel in INSPIRE registry service.

Release 5 of the INSPIRE Registry service has been created using the Re3gistry software v1.0.

Re3gistry v1.0

The new version of the Re3gistry software has been improved by adding new functionalities and by simplifying the administration user interface (used for adding or modifying register content), in order to increase its usability. The software now uses the ECAS authentication system to handle user access. It can also handle multi-valued custom attributes. This feature allow users to create additional attributes with more than one single text value.

The detailed changelog is available here.

Next steps

In the coming months, we will focus on supporting the on-going work in the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation (MIG) sub-group for Registers and Registries (MIWP-6) and on adding content to the INSPIRE Registry service.

Registry federation

The MIWP-6 sub-group will define an architecture, procedures, exchange formats and APIs for a register federation, including registries and registers at different levels of administration (EU, Member States, regions) and/or in different thematic communities.

Specifically, it will

  • develop technical guidelines and best practices explaining how to build registries and how to link them to EU INSPIRE Registry;
  • set up a test-bed for connecting national registries to the central INSPIRE registry; and
  • set up a registry of registries that contains metadata for registries/registers in the Member States

The work on register federations will also provide requirements for the next version of the Re3gistry software.

Additional content for the INSPIRE Registry

We will also be adding content to the INSPIRE Registry based on suggestions from INSPIRE stakeholders, such as feature catalogues, links from application schemas to XML schema documents or metadata code lists and values included in the INSPIRE technical guidelines.

Please feel free to propose additional content using the feedback function in the INSPIRE Registry service.

City/Location: Ispra

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