Portuguese Heritage sites on…

Portuguese Heritage sites on the map for everyone thanks to INSPIRE-enabled app


The Portuguese Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) provides an app on protected sites


The iGEO Património app allows users to explore the cultural heritage sites of Portugal such as buildings, infrastructures and green areas. iGEO Património uses INSPIRE data to geolocalise Portuguese protected sites while leveraging on the data collected by the IHRU. It can be seen as a clear example of added-value services based on INSPIRE data.

It also demonstrates how the use of modern technologies can help governments to promote transparency and citizens' engagement. All the data showcased in this app is available as open data and iGEO.pt is organising an app contest to reward the developers of best applications based on this data. The iGEO Património is part of a series of very successfull apps used by thousands of users in Portugal. These apps include iGEO Natureza and iGEO Ordenamento. For more information about the iGEO apps, download links and access to the source data, visit iGEO.pt.

The iGEO Património is part of a world-wide trend where geospatial data is made available and consumed via smartphone and tablet devices. A survey of the EuroGeoSurvey members that ARE3NA supported last year presents an example of where similar geospatial data is used by mobile devices in the geology sector. These results are available online: https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/node/137267/.

About IHRU

The Portuguese Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) is tasked with the conservation of built heritage from the perspective of ensuring its enhancement, protection and rehabilitation. IHRU also supports political and planning actions for territory and regional development. To fullfil its tasks the IHRU collects information and generates INSPIRE data about protected sites (INSPIRE Annex I) which is open and serves as basis for numerous applications.

ARe3NA Re3ference Platform

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is gathering content for the Apps and Applications inventory to showcase the use of INSPIRE data. At the INSPIRE - Geospatial World Forum in Lisbon, the JRC team is engaging with solution providers and INSPIRE implementers in order to promote existing solutions and initiatives, such as the iGEO Património App.

If you are at the INSPIRE - Geospatial World Forum - come and meet us at the INSPIRE Forum 2.0 stand or contact us at are3na@jrc.europa.eu and let us know about your apps built around INSPIRE and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI).

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