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Common Agricultural Policy code list now in the INSPIRE registry!

The INSPIRE Registry supports the agricultural data discoverability

Published on: 21/07/2021

The INSPIRE registry continues growing!

A new code list related to Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) has recently been included in the INSPIRE registry to strengthen the connection and greater visibility to Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) related data.

IACS code list within the INSPIRE registry environment

This integration is a great achievement for INSPIRE that reinforces the discoverability of agricultural data, and therefore environmental data, of its data catalogue, the (INSPIRE Geoportal).

It represents is a genuine collaboration effort to foster interoperability between different communities (INSPIRE and Common Agricultural Policies -CAP-) with similar objectives.

This step is very important as it contributes to the GreenData4All activity within the European data strategy's actions and the implementation of the common European data spaces.

About the Integrated Administration and Control System code list

Values of the code list in Italian language

The Integrated Administration and Control System code list was proposed and documented in the report "Technical guidelines on IACS spatial data sharing. Part 1 - Data discovery".

The Common Agricultural Policy community was actively involved in the translation of the code list.

A workshop was organised last 08 June with the title "IACS agricultural data discoverability clinic ".

It was attended by more than 100 participants between Member States, Paying Agencies and INSPIRE National Contact Points representatives with the aim to:

  1. establish better networking between communities and improve discoverability of IACS data under INSPIRE 
  2. provide guidelines on how to use the IACS data code list.

The slides from the workshop can be accessed here.



The INSPIRE registry is powered by the open-source software Re3gistry.

The Re3gistry software is a reusable open-source solution for managing and sharing ‘reference codes’ through the use of persistent URIs, ensuring concepts are correctly referenced in any domain.

The ELISE ISA2 action, and previously the Are3na action under the ISA programme, has funded the development of this tool as part of its activities to support the interoperability of public administrations. These efforts have led to its inclusion in the European Interoperability Framework (EIF).

More info on the Re3gistry and other ELISE funded solutions applications can be found here.

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