Pre-release v2.4.0-rc.1 of the Re3gistry software available

New Re3gistry software pre-release v2.4.0-rc.1

Published on: 07/10/2022

This release introduces new features and bug fixes reported by the Re3gistry software community.

For this release, new features relating to workflow, new formats (schema, ATOM), or the possibility to manage the visualization of the items depending on their status, have been developed. Also, issues related to visualization problems, item version numbers, item breadcrumbs have been fixed as well as other issues. 

A set of new features has been added to the application:

A new simplified workflow can be used for application management. This simplified workflow allows administrators to manage everything from the Registry manager tab instead of following the formal ISO 19135 workflow.

Simplified workflow

Furthermore, new formats are now supported, such as the schema or ATOM format. Additionally, many errors related to the creation of files with a selected format, item searches, and the generation of caches have been fixed.

The visibility of the change proposals can be configured in the status table. For example, change proposals marked as draft or submitted might be accessed through the API or the web application, if desired.

Example of not available in the selected language

Several improvements have been made in the web application. The web application will show a message when content is not available in the selected language like in the image below.

Now it is possible to show just the active languages in the language selector of the web application.

active languages


These and other improvements have been made for this major release. You can check all of them in the release changelog.
Feel free to test it before it is released (within 1 week of the pre-release publication).

You can collaborate and be part of the community in the Re3gistry GitHub repository.

If you want to give us general feedback about the pre-release, you can do it in the dedicated pre-release discussion, or if you find some bugs or wish to request new features, please do so through the helpdesk.

If you are interested in this software, please follow the corresponding section in the documentation, depending on whether you want to create your own Re3gistry instance, help in the development, or utilize the tool as an end user.