Re3gistry software part of OSGeo Live! Translations needed!

Call for translations of the Re3gistry software entry in OSGeo Live until March 3, 2021

Published on: 25/02/2021

The next version of the OSGeo Live (v.14) will be released on March 31, 2021 and - for the first time - it will also include the Re3gistry open source software. In addition, it will include an updated version of the INSPIRE overview, currently available here.

OSGeo Live screenshot
Screenshot of the OSGeo live 13 environment
Source: OSGeo Live

We would like to invite you to contribute to the translation of the OSGeoLive documentation, and in particular of the content about the Re3gistry (overview and quickstart) and INSPIRE (overview) from English to your own language.

The documentation (overview and quickstart) of each software included in the OSGeo Live is provided in any language for which a translation is available. Here you can see the current status of the OSGeo Live translation in the different languages. Translations for the upcoming v.14 of the OSGeo Live can be done by the community until March 3, 2021. Translations are managed through the Transifex platform (very easy to use), and instructions on how to contribute translations for the OSGeo Live are available here.

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OSGeo Live is a flagship project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). It is a Linux-based distribution - available as a bootable USB stick or DVD and as a virtual machine - including about 70 open source software tools for managing geospatial data ready to be used without any need for installation and configuration, together with some short documentation and quickstart guides for each of them. The full list of software is available here. OSGeo Live is used worldwide for education purposes and it is a great tool to try out new software without the need to spend time to install and configure it.


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