Release v2.4.1 of the Re3gistry software available

New Re3gistry software release v2.4.1

Published on: 10/01/2023

Re3gistryThis release introduces new features and bug fixes reported by the Re3gistry software community.

The new features include better management of languages, the new manager will change the application language to the default language in case your browser tries to access a non-available language.

Another improvement to highlight is the possibility to customize error messages, by simple changes to the configuration file.


A number of correction work has also been carried out, such as issues related to migration that had been addressed and fixes with the format available (ATOM).

These and other improvements have been made for this minor release. You can check all of them in the release changelog.

You can collaborate and be part of the community in the Re3gistry GitHub repository.

If you want to give us general feedback about the release, you can do it in the dedicated release discussion, or if you find some bugs or wish to request new features, please do so through the helpdesk.

Updated documentation with the latest changes to the application is also available.