Re3gistry v2.2.3 (30/06/2021) v2.2.3

1 year ago

ūüöĬ†New Features

  • Adding the "disk cache path" property in the init configuration file.


  • #48¬†Adding missing release-note.xml file - Thanks to¬†@AntoRot
  • #50¬†Fixing the register link in the search result page - Thanks to¬†@AntoRot
  • #50¬†Fixing the error on the publish action - Thanks to¬†@AntoRot
  • #53¬†Fixing the "show in table" issue - Thanks to¬†@AntoRot¬†and¬†@fabiovinci
  • Changing the default ordering of the tables in the webapp (from "desc" to "asc")
  • Fixing the migration (avoid to set all the fields of the registers as "show in table" true)
  • Fixing the bug which was allowing to change also invalid, superseded and retired items - Thanks to¬†@fabiovinci
  • Fixing the bug which was showing proposed items in a item even if they were belonging to other items