Re3gistry v2.3.0 10/03/2022 v2.3.0

1 year ago

🚀 New Features

Update the caching after publishing a change from the management interface
Add the cache all - master language, cache all and remove cache buttons to the management interface
Show just valid items when selecting a successor for an item
Update libraries
Change date format
Init SHIRO  in the constructor
Make the login page mobile friendly
Add release note
Add API documentation page
Cache just the active languages
When a codelist is "retired", all the contained codelist values should be retired
Make it possible to set more properties using Maven build profiles
Update Shiro initialisation, update Shiro documentation
Update the handling of the helper files (system.installed, ...)
Improve error logging
Add "Other formats" to the webapp
Update CKEditor
Update RestAPI

🐛 Bugfixes

Fixed the RDF/JSON problem when importing to Geonetwork
Fixed Malformed XML/JSON export when label contains whitespace 
Fixed Save the email in lower case when using ECAS
Fixed vulnerability of log4j-code and log4j-api
Correct name of logger; fix bug with logger that is null when error
Fixed code that modifies requested URI
Remove application.status.baseuri from pom.xml
Fix several typos in documentation
Solve vulnerability issue regarding: SSL Cookie without Secure Flag