Re3gistry v2.4.0-rc.1 pre-release 7/10/2022 v2.4.0-rc.1

1 month ago

Pre-release of version v.2.4.0-rc.1 of the Re3gistry software with major changes fixing bugs and adding new features. Please feel free to test it before the final release, scheduled for 2022/10/14.

Issues have been found and fixed in the release candidate, due to this the final version will be delayed until 2022-10-21.

New features

  • #144 New feature for a simplified workflow has been created as an alternative to the ISO19135.
  • #175 Creation of a schema on the fly that is used for XML validations.
  • #156 New feature for an email notification to the Submitting organization and Control body once the items or actions have been published
  • #160 In the webapp, when a label is not in the selected language a message will be shown
  • #159 Only active languages will be shown in the language selector from the webapp
  • #138 Items visibility will be taken from the isPublic field corresponding to its status
  • #210 New ATOM format


  • #120 Fixed the breadcrumbs shown in the frontend for an item
  • #112 Fixed an issue with values not being internationalized
  • #102 Version of the items shown has been fixed
  • #101 Fixed errors in the creation of multiple formats RDF, XML and ISO19135
  • #82 Fixed search errors in SOLR with invalid parameters
  • #195 Fixed access to a hyperlink field in the webapp
  • #216 Files needed for deployment are now part of the source code
  • #217 Fixed issue involving the Cache of the application