Re3gistry v2.4.1-rc.1 pre-release 27/12/2022 v2.4.1-rc.1

2 months ago

Pre-release of version v.2.4.1-rc.1 of the Re3gistry software with minor changes fixing bugs and adding new features. Please feel free to test it before the final release, scheduled for 2023/01/10.

New features

  • #233/#234 Update the default error message in the frontend


  • #68 Error in migration assistant: "invalidate: Session already invalidated"
  • #70 Shiro authentication issue after a wrong login
  • #75 Possible bug: regItemProposedToRegItem method
  • #194 Field type Date error before saving item
  • #200/#238 Language wrong when browser language is not available
  • #202 Save user roles
  • #218 Upgrade from re3gistry 1.3.1 to 2.3.1 fails
  • #235 AvailableFormatsUtil not containing all formats
  • #236 Atom format content type is set to "text/xml"
  • #240 CORS error
  • #241 Unexpected output when negotiating contents to be returned from the INSPIRE Media Subtype code list