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Re3gistry v2.4.2-rc.1 pre-release 20/03/2023 v2.4.2-rc.1 Switch to the latest release

Published on: 21/03/2023 Last update: 16/02/2024

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Release of version v.2.4.2-rc.1 of the Re3gistry software with minor changes fixing bugs and adding new features.
Please feel free to test it before the final release, scheduled for 2023/03/31.

🚀 New features

#191 Send email notification to involved users in a change proposal
#180 Adding a user to the platform let them accept if he/she agrees to join the platform
#201 Send email when the assigned roles to you are changed
#203 Send email to a new user to accept to be added to the system
#206 Mail - should take the settings of the Re3gistry instance

🐛 Bugs

#121 RDF/SKOS encoding of hierarchical code list
#250 Codelist iso19135 format missing the element for each entry