Dutch Standard Business Reporting Program

Published on: 02/07/2010
The Dutch SBR program is focused on reducing financial boundaries for small and medium sized companies, by standardising financial reporting. By using the Dutch taxonomy as well as a uniform way of process execution the reliability of exchanged financial reports will be enhanced and the reporting process becomes more efficient and effective. At the same time the data reported will be created and sent from its origin (the administration of the entrepreneur) and human activities in terms of data-generation can be eliminated. Besides the reporting towards governmental institutions and banks, also other branches will participate in the Dutch SBR Program (for example health care and education).   Expectations: Decreasing administrative burdens for small and medium sized enterprises by standardizing financial reporting towards govermental institutions and banks. Create preconditions for more reliable, effective and efficient regulatory reporting Share knowledge with private and public sector on open standards and deploying the standards.

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