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NL - Standardisation Forum to create expert groups for XBRL-NTA, VISI, and e-Invoicing

Published on: 16/12/2011

Recently, the Standardisation Forum decided to organise expert groups for the following standards:

  • Dutch Taxonomy Architecture (NTA) - Dutch company profile for XBRL reporting;
  • VISI - construction management;
  • e-Invoicing Semantic Model - structured overview of invoice elements and meaning.

The expert groups will assess the aforementioned standards and advise the Dutch standardisation board whether or not these standards should be listed in the comply-or-explain list.

In this context, the Standardisation Forum is looking for domain experts. Each group of experts should be represented by a mix of IT vendors, academics, consultants, and standardisation body representatives. Zowel technische experts als experts die inzicht hebben in de functionele impact zijn welkom. Both technical experts and experts who understand the functional impact are welcome. Per organisatie kan één iemand deelnemen.

About the Standardisation Forum

The Standardisation Board and the Standardisation Forum support the Dutch government in the selection, assessment and use of open standards for electronic exchange. In this way it promotes interoperability, not only within the Dutch government system itself, but also in the relations between government agencies on the one hand and citizens and companies on the other. The organisations advise the Dutch government in several ICT fields including Adoption, implementation and use, Semantics, Authorization and authentication and Open Data.

The Standardisation Board and Standardisation Forum were established by decree (PDF | 114kB) by the Minister of Economic Affairs on 27 March 2006. The intention is to encourage public administrations to reuse open standards, under a so-called ‘Comply or Explain’ regime. This requirement affects public procurement procedures. When a public administration wants to procure an IT application, a  standard from the ‘Comply or Explain’ list of open standards must be chosen if the list contains an applicable standard. Use of a different specification must be explained.

The Standardisation Forum consists of representatives from government, business and science. It advises the Standardisation Board, the decision making body, on how open standards can foster digital exchange of information between governments.

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